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Tiputa Pass is well known for a number of reasons. Known as a secret spot for divers, this is a drift dive and has been nicknamed as “Shooting the Pass.” Whilst the currents create the fantastic diving conditions, they also need to be respected and divers can only go through these at certain times; after low tide and after high tide. Divers should ensure that they are experienced enough to take part in this dive site and they need to be guided at all times.

The dive is an incredible experience as divers are likely to see many lemon sharks, reef sharks, and even a hammerhead shark as they drift along the pass. There is also a chance of seeing a tiger shark.

Other common marine life includes huge Javanese eels, manta rays, Napoleon wrasse, bottlenose dolphins and huge titan triggerfish. If divers are very lucky, they can also post Silver tip sharks, and silky sharks. Some of the dive shops in the area bait the sharks and so it can be quite easy to spot sharks along this pass.

Within the dive site, there are a few other areas that can be investigated. Amongst them is a small cavern found at around 30 meters. This is called Sharks Cavern and divers enter the cavern and wait for Grey reef sharks to enter the cavern. The reef sharks are very shy and most of the time they retreat when divers arrive; but by waiting in the cavern, the divers arouse the curiosity of the sharks that come in to investigate the divers. After spending some time in the cavern, divers then return to the pass, drifting with the current again. This part of the dive also allows divers to see the many small caves, nooks, crannies, and holes in the pass, which are full of fish and corals.

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