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Also called Coral Island, and accessed by a 30 min boat ride from Tioman, this beach dive slopes gently away from Genting Bay down to about 30m deep. Viz around here is fairly good, up to about 20m and the currents can be strong at times, but it’s a lovely site for all levels of divers, and the best times to dive are between April and September.

Commonly known as Fan Canyon, due to the giant colourful gorgonian sea fans hanging onto the jumbled mass of granite boulders at about 14m below the surface, and you will find loads of exciting caves, nooks and crevices to explore, however, there is a restricted or no-go zone in a few areas for divers and snorkelers in effect, to preserve the fragile corals growing in the swim through canyons or tunnels.

As you drift along the bottom of the reef, you will discover stunning beds of coral, sponges, anemones and sea fans growing so thickly on the boulders than you can barely see the granite beneath, and find hundreds of wonderful macro and micro marine life such as nudibranchs, crown of thorns starfish, stem corals, flatworms, seahorses, moray and ribbon eels and sea urchins hiding in the dense coral, and titan triggerfish biting out little nests in the hard coral.

Descend a little lower between 14 to 22m and you will see thousands of brilliantly coloured reef fish like pufferfish, lionfish, batfish, emperors, angelfish, sweetlips, scorpionfish and humphead wrasse swimming frantically around you.

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