Tumakohua Pass Dive Site

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This is an outstanding and unique dive site that is made up of a narrow passageway that is covered from wall to wall with corals. It is an incredible sight of uninterrupted corals of all types forming this large coral garden. However, the marine life that inhabits this garden is equally amazing.

The dive is completed as a drift dive, with the currents determining which way divers enter the channel. Divers enter the dive site by dropping into the canyon and then the current does the hard work of taking divers through the channel. Divers will spot many large pelagic fish such as grey reef sharks, schools of snappers, and zebra rays. It is not uncommon to come across schools of sharks that number over 100 members. There are not many dive sites in the world where this is possible, and so this makes for a truly unique dive.

Divers can also pull up to the side of the coral and explore the nooks and crannies and the amazing coral formations. The corals come in many different colours, from blues to pinks, to yellows, to purples, and back again to blues. These are filled with lots of macro life including nudibranchs, crabs, shrimps, lobster, octopus, and many different clams and shellfish.

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