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As the name suggests this is the place to see turtle, and my goodness do they get big!

the dive at Turtle City begins at a central pinnacle that is covered in colourful coral and it is there that you can see both green and hawksbill turtle. But it’s not just the turtle that make this such a stunning dive.

Green Turtle

Green Turtle – Photo Credit: Luke Massey

Enormous schools of damsel fish, sergeant majors and fusillers hangout around the pinnacle and on it you can spot bumphead parrot fish grazing, clownfish in their anemones and lionfish hunting, whilst trevallies dart alongside you.

You can also find a lot of macro here such as nudibranch, different types of crabs and I saw the coolest ghost pipefish there.

When you’ve finished exploring the pinnacle you drift along the coral slope keeping an eye out for octopus and mantis shrimps hiding amongst the rocky outcrops, and unicornfish and batfish playing in the current.

The Author: Katie Stacey, Dive Instructor.

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