Turtle Pinnacle Dive Site

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This is known as one of the best dive sites in Hawai’i. This is a fantastic dive site with not so much a pinnacle but more an area of corals with some bommies, but more importantly, it is the site of a turtle cleaning station. Underwater photographers are frequent visitors to this dive site as the cleaning turtles can create some magnificent underwater panoramic shots.

The turtles are cleaned by surgeon fish. These fish arrive in huge schools and wait for the turtles to arrive. When the turtles arrive, they sit on the sandy bottom or just hover above the ocean floor, and they wait for the surgeon fish to move in. The fish then eat off the algae and other parasites that have accumulated on the turtle’s shells. It is a fantastic partnership and with visibility levels over 30 metres; this creates a unique dive site.

This dive is very close to another famous Hawai’i dive site that is well known – the manta ray night dive. The site became a manta ray site almost by accident. A hotel was built on the beach nearby and they shined lights into the ocean so that guests could see the nocturnal life. This light attracted plankton in large numbers and this then attracted the manta rays. Divers can get very close to the divers and observe them feeding on the plankton here.

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