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The Liberty wreck is one of the most famous wreck sites in Bali. Located only 30 metres from the shore of Tulamben Beach, the site is easily accessible for all divers.

Originally hit by a Japanese torpedo in 1942, the USS Liberty has certainly had its fair share of action since then. After all, not many wrecks can boast surviving both a torpedo and a volcanic eruption. Left stranded on the beach for over 20 years due to irreparable damage, it was then the eruption of the Gunung Agung volcano that caused the wreck to re-enter the sea, and it is now available for all divers to enjoy.

With over 120 metres of wreckage to explore, divers will not be disappointed by the wide variety of marine life that now call the Liberty home. Aside from the large schools of brightly coloured fish, divers can hope to see garden eels and angelfish too. You might even spot a few of the weird and wonderful flashlight fish. The pockets under their eyes are filled with bioluminescent bacteria that cause them to glow. Keep a close eye out for critters in and around the wreck, specifically mantis shrimp and pygmy seahorses.

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