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Shallow and easy but, as an instructor, when I get a little free time, it is one of my favorite places to hangout.

The Viva Shallow dive site is THRIVING with life, incredible macro life and a wide variety of fauna and flora. With long bottom times it is great for all experience levels DSD, Certified, Professional, U/W Photographers, and all others.

Crab at Viva Shallow Dive Site

Crab at Viva Shallow. Photo Credit: Courtney Cicoria

This mini wall takes us on a great adventure and for me the reward; finding the camouflaged frogfish and his friends.

Frogfish at Viva Shallow Dive Site

Frogfishes at Viva Shallow. Photo Credit: Noe Castro

Surrounded by lobsters, sting rays, eagle rays, octopus, and seahorses, we also get to enjoy a little history as this site it is home to pieces of a shipwreck cannons, cannon balls, a large anchor and a plaque with the historical information.

Seahorse at Viva Shallow

Seahorse at Viva Shallow. Photo Credit: Courtney Cicoria

With a length of over a kilometer, this outstanding little dive site is a home away from home for us working in the diving industry here in Bayahibe.

The Author: Courtney Cicoria is an MSDT currently living in the Dominican Republic.

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