Wild Fish Ridge Dive Site

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This is a fantastic dive site, dense in marine life and covered in a spectacular array of corals. When you are at Wild Fish ridge it is difficult to stay grounded because its astounding colours are extraordinary.

This unique submerged tableau of overlapping corals is a year-round, novice-level dive site with an average depth of 20 m, with moderate to strong currents, and an average visibility of around 20 m.

Approachable from Cenderawasih Bay, the ridge bottoms out into a steep slope filled with reef corals with a maximum depth of 30 m. The dive is easiest when divers descend into the deeper parts where the current is much slower. Divers can then slowly ascend throughout their dive, to emerge in the shallower parts at the end of their dive. The ridge is so dense with marine fauna it is sometimes hard to see past them. Huge elephant ear sponges, sea whip colonies, and table corals cover the 30m/98ft-long ridge intermingling to form a masterfully colourful seascape.

The temperature ranges from 26° C – 29° C, perfect for nudibranchs, pufferfish, wrasses, barracudas, and stingrays. The sublime serenity of this site makes it very dive friendly; the site is not just an amazing opportunity to view biodiversity at its finest, it is a soothing place to visit to forget the cares of life. Purported to be the ‘Galapagos of the East’, the vast variety of endemic species of the region can be found here and include turtles, surgeon fish, wrasses, boxfish, octopus, pufferfish, crabs, shrimps, nudibranchs, sweetlips, cardinals, angelfish, snappers, trevallies, porcupine fish, gobies, batfish, anthias, groupers, moray eels, blennies, and flatworms. Divers should also be on the look out for visiting reef sharks that are often spotted here.

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