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Yapak is one of the most visited dive spots in the Boracay area because it is home to many of the larger big fish in the area. There are also many corals in great condition that draws many divers to the site.

The dive is a deep dive, with the shallowest section being around 32 meters, and there are some strong currents and sometimes rough waters. Due to these conditions, the dive can only be made by more experienced divers. The bottom time is also limited because of this depth with many divers preferring to use mixed air to stay longer on the dive.

The dive consists of a vertical drop, which starts at 32 meters and goes down to about 60 meters. The wall has many corals including Gorgonian fans, soft corals, starfish, and sponges. Divers can find schools of bannerfish, surgeons, triggerfish, fusiliers, sweetlips, and snappers. Common here are also various types of jack fish, and dogtooth tuna fish that can both be seen hunting the other smaller reef fish. Divers have spotted many types of shark on this dive site including reef sharks and hammerhead sharks, and sometimes rays make an appearance. If the season is right, Mola Mola can occasionally be spotted here.

The coral is also home to many smaller creatures such as pygmy sea horses and nudibranchs, or crustaceans such as shrimp and small lobsters.

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