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Yonaguna Jima is located at Japan’s western most point and is home to a truly fantastic sight that is not to be missed. There’s a great deal to discover in the waters around Yonaguni Jima, which are said to be the third clearest in the world. In the late eighties, Kihachiro Aratake discovered underwater ruins, similar to Machu Picchu, that have geologists and other experts stumped. These ancient relics, many of them perfect rectangles or squares, have sparked countless debates about their origins – are they man made from an underwater city or are they the result of erosion? And what are we to make of the 25 meter monolithic pyramid that resembles Mayan ruins?

Either way, Yonaguni Jima is a great place to dive at any time of the year for its regular sightings of large cuttlefish, turtles, dogtooth tuna and other pelagics. The underwater landscape offers large fields of coral boulders, loads of vibrantly coloured fish and steep walls. April brings the giant marlin and sailfish, truly a sight to behold if you spot one. Starting in January, large schools of 100+ hammerheads can be seen at certain locations around the islands and many divers flock to the islands to see them.

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