Scuba diving in St Lucia is an amazing experience that offers dive sites in pristine condition, impressive underwater flora and healthy coral reefs that teem with life.

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The Caribbean Netherlands is a group of 3 islands, also known as the BES Islands and comprise Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba.

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Although the waters off the Baja Peninsula are not as calm, clear or warm as Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Pacific waters surrounding this peninsula offer some thrilling diving experiences for those seeking an exciting dive amongst swift currents.

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Poland’s coastline extends from the Gulf of Gdańsk to the Bay of Pomerania, and it is along this coastal region that divers should choose to stay when visiting Poland for a  scuba diving holiday.

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Norway is a stunning country with much to offer in the way of diving and more. Whether it’s diving with orcas, drift diving or wreck diving, Norway is a great option for a diving holiday, but be sure to bring a dry suit as water temperatures will not venture beyond 15°C even in the summer.

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Grenada is definitely a scuba diving destination to take note of, with great wreck dives and an interesting array of marine life to be seen. There are also a number of shallow reefs to be explored and these are ideal for any diving level. The underwater scene at Grenada is sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

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Located in Northern Europe and surrounded by a number of water bodies, Finland shares land borders with Russia, Sweden, Norway and Estonia across the fairly narrow Gulf of Finland.

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Although Belgium has much to offer in terms of city tourist attractions, picturesque buildings and the prominent EU headquarters, it is not always the first place one would choose to go scuba diving.

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Although not considered to be a scuba diving hub, diving off the island of Cyprus offers incredible beauty, warm waters that are generally above 80°F in summer and visibility in excess of 100 feet.

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Located east of the Caribbean Islands in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is a scuba diver’s paradise. At only 21 miles in length and 14 miles…

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Austria has good lake diving opportunities.

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When considering a visit to Switzerland, most visitors will envision snow-capped mountains, skiing, hiking and other adventurous snow sports before ever considering scuba diving to…

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In many ways, France could be considered the birthplace of modern day scuba diving. Jacques Cousteau, considered to be the father of scuba diving, was…

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Diving in Luwuk is great.

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Diving in Balikpapan is great.

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The Nabucco resort’s dive centre is part of the Extra Divers Worldwide group. Thus it is equipped to international standards, having Nitrox facilities, dive computers…

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Diving some of the world’s very best dive sites in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

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Situated 200 km due South of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) these 16 remote and mainly unexplored Islands offer the best diving available in Vietnam. Some sites are hard to match in the rest of Asia!

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Diving in Central Sulawesi is great.

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This superb dive site is only accessible by liveaboard

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Bang Saphan is located on the coast of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province (Gulf ot Thailand) roughly bewteen Bangkok and Koh Tao. Dive Season Year…

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There is some good wreck diving in Samae San.

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GenSan is located in Southern Mindanao, an out of the beaten track region due to security issues in this province.

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One of the favorite places in the Philippines to learn to dive thanks to the presence of many shallow reefs and protected waters.

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There is a group of young blacktip reef sharks that regularly visit the shallow waters off the tip of the Calumpon Peninsula, near Anilao, Batangas,…

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The Saipan Islands are the northernmost part of Micronesia, sprawling over a thousand miles in a line from north to south in the western Pacific.

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It is these varieties of underwater scenery and marine life that make diving from Gangga Island so delightful. You can experience colourful coral gardens, muck diving in black volcanic sand of Lembeh and drifting along the impressive walls of Bunaken, all from one destination.

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Rated as one of the world’s best subtropical dive sites by Jacques Cousteau!

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Anthong National Marine Park is a favorite dive destination as there are many unusual and rare sea animals that call this group of islands home….

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Milne Bay offers excellent dive sites in PNG.

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Diving in Pantar Island is great.

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Diving in Buaya Island is great.

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Diving in Nusa Dua is great.

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Diving in Kepa Island is great.

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Diving in Namalatu Beach is great.

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Diving in Pombo Island is great!

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Diving in Kubu is great!

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Diving in Biak Island is great!

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Diving in Banggai Islands is great!

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Diving in Padaido Islands is great!

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Diving in Siladen Island is great!

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Diving in Bira Beach is great!

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Diving in Nain Island is great!

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Diving in Liukang Loe Island is great!

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Diving in Manado Tua is great!

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The most extreme diving experience could be found in Belongas Bay.

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Diving in Pasi Island is an exceptional experience waiting to be discovered.

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Diving in Selayar Island is great!

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Diving in Sangalaki Island is great!

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Diving in Maratua Island is great!

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