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Indonesia is world famous for scuba diving and snorkeling that consist of sea gardens and warm tropical water, which is a marine treasure waiting to be discovered. The island of Ambon, a tiny island in the middle of the Maluku islands, had always been in the center of the hub, a busy port of call for the trading ships. The island is located between two main bays, Ambon and Baquala bays. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty of this tropical paradise and its rich culture heritage. Ambon is a safe place to visit and the people are friendly.

The Indonesian archipelago is a vast area, and the island of Ambon is near its eastern edge. However, even though it is rather far away from the capital city, Ambon is relatively easy to get to and is well served by the domestic Indonesian airlines. However, there are no direct international flights to Ambon yet. To reach Ambon by plane, we can get an international flight to Jakarta or Bali. From there, we can get another flight to Ambon. There are several flights from Jakarta we can choose, one of which is a direct overnight flight with Batavia Air. Other than that, there are daily flights from Jakarta to Ambon with stopover in Makassar by Lion Air and Mandala Airlines. From Bali, we can fly with Lion Air which offers the best option as we can get to Ambon without changing planes. If you happen to stay overnight in Jakarta before going to Ambon, you can stay at a reasonable Airport Hotel located in the terminal.

Diving in Ambon is mainly done along the southern coasts of the southern arm of the island. These locations are easily reached in 15-30 minutes if we get a boat from the dive center. Other dive locations are located in Nusa Tiga or Pulau Tiga, a cluster of tiny islands in the western tip of Ambon. Another dive location is in the southern tip of Seram island, the bigger island located north of Ambon. Further away, there are also other dive locations in Natsepa Beach, Batu Lompa, Namalatu Beach, Pulau Tiga, Pombo Island, Tanjung Setan, and Tanjung Hukurila.

The main attraction of diving in Ambon is its underwater garden. A huge variety of coral growth here is amazing, very healthy and virgin and almost everywhere. Large size sea fans, barrel sponges and table corals are natural, which indicates that they have not been touched yet by human. In almost the entire dive, you will be amazed with the full splendor of underwater colors. You will also be amazed by the caverns with walls and roofs covered in many hued soft corals in Hukurila Canyon. The eponymous Ambon scorpionfish is one of the rare creatures that can be rarely found here. This incredible critter comes in shades of pink, green, brown yellow or red, with variable skin flaps and filaments; but is characterized by its very long growths above their eyes. When you need to take a break or eat, you can get to one of the pretty beaches in the vicinity of the dive sites. The pleasant beaches in Ambon are pretty similar to the other, which have natural white sand.

The Maluku islands or the Moluccas Islands are a string of islands stretching between Sulawesi and Papua in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. Ambon is not only well known historically for its spices, the island is also well known for its beautiful dive locations. To witness the scenes in the archipelago of Ambon is a heaven on earth experience.

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