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Situated on the east coast of Central America in the Caribbean Sea, Belize is well-known for its Barrier Reef which is the world’s second biggest barrier reef after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. With a coastline that stretches over 380 kilometres, the impressive barrier reef and over 450 cayes to explore, it’s understandable why Belize is considered a diver’s paradise.

The coastline of Belize is made up of lagoons and a predominantly marshy landscape whereas the Belize Barrier Reef offers the crystal clear waters you’d expect from the Caribbean Sea. This rectangular shaped country is bound in the north and south by the Hondo and Sarstoon Rivers respectively which can lead to reduced visibility closer to the marshy coast. With its abundance of marine species and a range of diverse ecosystems in such a small area (Belize is roughly the same size of Wales or El Salvador), Belize forms part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. Belize is definitely one of the best diving locations this world has to offer with long stretches of pristine coral reef, schools of tropical reef fish, exciting cenotes to explore as well as steep walls for drift diving enthusiasts.

Aside from world-class scuba diving, Belize is known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious eco-lodges and dense jungle areas complete with historically significant Mayan ruins. Originally part of Guatemala, Belize has an interesting history and strong ties to both the Caribbean and Latin America.

Best Diving Destinations in Belize

The Blue Hole

Not only does Belize boast the second largest barrier reef after the Great Barrier Reef, but it is also home to the biggest known underwater sinkhole known simply as the Blue Hole. Although there are hundreds of dive sites to explore along the barrier reef, the Blue Hole is one that is not to be missed. In fact, it is so big that it can even be seen from outer space! The highly acclaimed Jacques Cousteau declared the Blue Hole one of the world’s top 10 diving sites in 1971 and scuba divers have been flocking to visit this beautiful site ever since.

Located off the shores of Belize City in what is known as Lighthouse Reef, the Blue Hole appears as a deep blue centre in the middle of the atoll surrounded by the much shallower and lighter blue waters of the Lighthouse Reef lagoon. Stretching roughly half a kilometre across, this Blue Hole is the reason that many divers choose to explore Belize in the first place, so ensure that this site of natural wonder gets added to the top of your Belize diving list. Marine life is also in abundance in the sites surrounding the Blue Hole, and the Blue Hole itself is well-known for sightings of hammerheads.

Light House Reef is an atoll that lies east of the barrier reef. Diving accommodation can be found on the atoll itself and the reef provides some remarkable diving. The dive sites are mainly scattered around the edge of the reef and while offering differing highlights most sites have a shallow reef section that sits above the main reef wall which is also a dive feature. (the wall dropping into the depths of the ocean). The specials of the diving include coral caves and caverns (from the spur and groove reef structure), hard and soft corals, sponges, as well as large pelagics, such as turtles, eagle rays, nurse sharks, etc… and a large variety of marine life.

In addition to the great reef/wall diving that light house reef offers, it also has a blue hole. In the middle of the atoll fringed by very shallow reef, the blue hole is a cenote/sink hole that drops down to a depth of 126 meters. The walls of the blue hole are overhung and stalagtites have grown from beneath the overhangs. The floor of the blue hole opens into a cave system.

Ambergris Caye

More not-to-be-missed dive sites are situated parallel to Ambergris Caye’s east coast and offer great drift dive and night dive opportunities at sites such as Tuffy Canyon. A protected underwater reserve known as Hol Chan is situated near Ambergris and is home to the well-known Shark Ray Alley. As the name suggests, divers are likely to encounter sharks and majestic stingrays in this area and will not be disappointed by the variety of marine life in this reserve.

Ambergris Caye laying only 1km west of the barrier reef is the normal destination for divers wishing to dive the barrier reef. The main tourist center on Amgergris Caye is the town of San Pedro. The barrier reef consists of a spur and groove reef structure with caverns, caves, cuts and tunnels through the reef. Many of the dive sites are part of a protected marine park and marine life is more prolific because of this protection. Typical marine life to be seen includes, spotted eagle rays, groupers, snappers, jacks, hard and soft corals and sponges.

Turneffe Reef

Turneffe Atoll is the largest of the atolls, and the closest to Belize city, giving it the easiest access. It is also the largest atoll in the western hemisphere. This giant atoll is surrounded by magnificent dive sites and is only 20 kilometres away from the Blue Hole, making these sites an easy addition to a day diving trip for those that have time to explore more than just the Blue Hole.

The diving is concerntrated at the southern end of the atoll on both the east and west sides. The dive sites on the west side of the reef don’t drop off into deep water as sharply as those on the east side of the island, thus allowing plenty of diving for new/returning divers to feel comfortable in. The western dive sites have plenty of sponges, crustasians, corals and marine life to explore and good night dives can be had in these safe conditions. The eastern dive sites are generally characterised by splits, tunnels, rifts running through the tops of the reef walls, with the walls then dropping into the deeper water. Schools of fish inhabit the rifts/splits with large corals and sponges living on the outer walls. The steepness of the wall drop off also provides the opportunities to see large pelagics such as nurse sharks, green turtles, barracuda, eagle rays, grouper along this side of the atoll.

The Elbow is one of the better known sites on the Turneffe atoll and is a great wall diving experience. The Elbow offers some of the biggest barrel sponges you will ever have seen, with some of these sponges stretching almost 2 metres across. The waters of Belize are extremely bio diverse and are home to many protected species including three of the world’s sea turtle species. These Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill turtles are regularly sightings in the waters of Belize and their placid nature makes them ideal subjects for underwater photographers. The turtles make use of Belize’s marshy coastline with its mangroves and lagoons to lay their eggs.

Glover’s Atoll

South of the big Turneffe atoll lies Glover’s Reef, a remote and protected atoll that offers impressive wall dives with many small cayes. One such site is known simply as The Wall and can be reached by swimming from the shore of the island.

Glovers Atoll named after the pirate John Glover is the least visited and most prestine of Belize’s dive sites. The atoll contains an 80 square mile lagoon surrounded by fringing reef. The reefs, step down to the outer walls which then drop off into the depths of the ocean. The wall diving is spectacular and commences as shallow as 40 feet. Typical marine life to be found on the atoll includes, nurse sharks, bone fish, grouper, moray eels, queen trigger fish, large parrot fish, manta rays, eagle rays and juvenille spotted drums.

Belize Barrier Reef

A little known fact is that only about 1% of the world’s waters contain coral reefs, but a massive 25% of marine species make use of these coral reefs for accommodation, food and hiding spots. With its barrier reef and masses of coral, Belize is no exception and as such is home to many marine species, many of which are found only in Belize. The white spotted toadfish is one such creature that is endemic to the area and enjoys hiding on the sandy seafloor or in the cracks and crevices of the coral reef. Although underwater photographers are unlikely to get this grumpy-looking fish to smile for the camera, its odd appearance is certainly one to add to the log book.

When to Visit Belize

Scuba divers will be pleased to note that it is possible to dive throughout the year in Belize. In the summer months, water temperatures are likely to be in the range of 26-30°C whereas the winter months will see only slightly cooler temperatures of 24-26°C. Air temperatures are similar throughout the year, although winter nights might see a drop in temperature to around 15°C thanks to cooling tropical breezes.

Visibility is second-to-none in these Caribbean waters, with the exceptional colours and marine life clearly visible up to 30 metres away. Jacques Cousteau was definitely on the right track in 1971 when he acknowledged Belize as heaven for scuba divers.

Getting to Belize

Belize is relatively easy to get to, with an international airport welcoming direct flights from many Central, South American and North American destinations. This major international airport is located in Belize City, the largest city in Belize. Belize also has a smaller municipal airport with quick and easy hopper flights to smaller runways in more remote destinations. Typically cheaper than flying from the larger international airport, travellers looking to save some money and explore more of Belize might want to explore this option. These hopper flights also appeal to the spontaneous traveller as tickets do not need to be booked in advance and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

When entering Belize, citizens of certain countries will need to obtain a visa. Travellers from Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom will not need a visa to enter, but will need to present a passport that is valid for at least 3 months. Visitors are advised to check visa requirements before planning their trip.

Where to Stay in Belize

Thankfully along with the increasing popularity of scuba diving comes increasing environmental concerns and Belize has done well to develop its eco-tourism habits with eco-resorts and great preservation efforts. Previously a victim of over-fishing, many resorts and dive shops play a large role in assisting with the monitoring and protecting of these beautiful reefs.

Some of the most popular resorts for divers are located on Ambergris Caye and Turneffe Atoll with private beaches, daily dive trips and the option to include the Blue Hole in any of your dive trips.

Due to Belize being a British colony, English is the official and most widely spoken language, so arranging dives and booking accommodation should not be a problem for English-speaking travellers. Spanish and Kriol are also commonly spoken.

Dive shops all over Belize are able to offer reliable service, dive training to advance your qualifications and equipment rental. Divers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to daily boat excursions but are advised not to miss the area’s most popular and top-rated site, the Blue Hole.

For those looking for an exclusive vacation away from the crowds, look no further than Glover’s Reef atoll, just a short boat ride away from the town of Dangriga. Glover’s Reef is the most remote but also the most protected atoll in Belize. Long Caye is a private island nearby which offers exclusive resorts and the chance to explore the famous dive site known simply as The Wall from the shore of the caye.

Travel Facts

The country of Belize lies south of the yucatan peninsula on the caribbean sea. Belize is a true tropical paradise and has many attractions for all holiday makers, including Mayan ruins, 4000 species of flowering plant, 250 species of native orchids, 700 species of native trees, and 550 species of birds. Nearly one third of belize is a conservation area and Belize is also the last refuge of the jaguar. But, for scuba divers the main attractions are the barrier reef (the second largets in the world), and the offshore atolls of Glovers Reef, Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe atoll.

The official language of Belize is english and the belize dollar is the offical currency, although US dollars are also in wide use throughout the country. The largest city is Belize city, although no longer the capital.

Dive Sites Reviews in Belize

The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize is one of the most unique dive spot in the world.

Excellent for eagle rays.

Liveaboard Reviews in Belize

The crew of the Belize Aggressor are truly the icing on the cake. Nothing is too much of a problem ...

Belize Aggressor IV liveaboard departs every Saturday for 7 night scuba diving at the fantastic Belize Barrier Reef. Belize Aggressor IV ...

graciela August 05, 2017

Somos dos argentinos y queremos bucear 5 días), estamos certificados como ADVANCE y nos gustaría hacer dos buceos diarios. Somos madre (64 años) e hijo (43 años). Estariamos yendo desde Miami. Llegaríamos el 15 de setiembre aprox hasta el 22.
Pueden sugerirnos algún hotel y decirnos que pueden ofrecernos en cuanto al buceo


sebastien August 30, 2017

Good day,

We will be visiting Belize from nov.11 to nov. 15th.

Could you please provide us information about possible snorkeling tours. Description, duration, prices etc.

What are the must do? This will be our first time in Belize and we are very excited about it. That will help us a lot in planning our stay.

thank you



Irene December 02, 2017

Hola; quería consultar por 6 días de buceo para un matrimonio de buzos certificados. Si poseen hospedaje también cotizar por favor.
Muchas gracias.


marcos December 04, 2017


Estamos interesados en viajar desde Playa del Carmen a San Pedro para hacer Blue hole y Turneffe Elbow en Diciembre, 3 adultos, ¡tienes disponibilidad en cualquier fecha



Marlin December 07, 2017

Good Afternoon. Can you Please send me pictures of your boat that take the tours to the Blue hole. I am also interested in having your schedule and Price list. I have 3 persons on the 27th they will be staying in Ramons Village. They are interested in the blue hole dive. Thanks


Roberto March 26, 2018

Hi we will be at Ambergris from March 30 flaying out April 3 we would like to take scuba diving lessons and get a certification, please advice


Heidi May 03, 2018

I am thinking about taking a carnival cruise that would dock into Belize City on Aug 29 at 8 am, having to be back at the ship at 5pm. Is it possible to book diving through you and travel arrangements to get there and back to the ship?


Carol August 15, 2018

My son, daughter and I are staying at Sunbreeze Hotel Oct 4-7. We’re all avid snorkelers and are interested in day long
trips plus a night snorkel. Would appreciate
any and all information you could send me.
Extremely excited about visiting your beautiful Island and snorkeling your magnificant reefs. Thank you for your help.


Carol August 28, 2018

My daughter, son and I are going to be staying at the Sunbreeze Oct 4-7. Our reason
for going to San Pedro is to snorkel your beautiful reef. We’re all experienced snorkelers, my son the only certified diver. We want to book with you to go out daily while we’re there. You come highly recommended. One of the things I’d like to do is a night snorkel. One day we’d like to have private day of snorkeling. Feel we need to book the first day/evening trip before we get there. How do I go about making these arrangements? Help!


Carol August 29, 2018

This is an additional note to the one I just sent you. My children were snorkeling on reefs off shore Miami, Fl since they were 4.
We went out diving every weekend while they were growing up. Our reefs were later destroyed. This is my 80th birthday gift for us to be able to snorkel together again on beautiful reefs. As you can see this is a special trip and I need your help to make it memorable. Thank you for your prompt reply. (we will be bringing our own gear)


Laurie September 01, 2018

My mother, brother and I will be in San Pedro and are looking to take several snorkeling tours on October 4 and 5. I noticed that you offer night snorkeling and day tours to Mexico Rocks, Hol Chan/Shark Ray Alley, and Coral Gardens. If you can tell me what time these tours depart and where the night snorkeling trip goes I’d sincerely appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your response.



Terry October 31, 2018

Greetings; I am bringing a group to Sun Breeze in November 2019 and have some divers that are diving Poseidon Rebreathers. What kind of support do you have ? 100% O2 ? Scrubber and 19 cu ft tanks. We can bring everything except O2.
Thank you !


Cody November 12, 2018

I would like to book a trip for two snorkelers for blue hole / Lighthouse Reef on 11/19. I appreciate your help with this!


Kapil November 15, 2018

We want to know the details for snorkelling and scuba diving tours. Kindly let me know your contact details including phone number.


kapil November 16, 2018

please let me know the details of your snorkelling tours and how to book


Morgan December 08, 2018

Hello –
I’m very interested in learning more about a full day snorkeling trip for two to the great blue hole. Would you have any availability on Dec. 28 or Dec. 29? Thanks!


Amanda December 14, 2018

I have been researching Blue Hole tours from San Pedro, and yours has been the best reviewed! I am interested in the day trip to the Blue Hole from San Pedro, the week of December 27 to January 2. The date of the trip itself is flexible. I wanted to see what availability was left for those days, and if there is any other information to note, including costs on top of the $125.

I am so excited to hear from you!



Joanne December 17, 2018


I am interested in doing a snorkel trip to the blue hole. I was hoping for 12-24 or 12-25, but i am visiting 12-22 and 1-1.

Please let me know if you have availability, thanks, Joanne


Jaynie December 25, 2018

What are the times of the Shark Ray/Hol Chan and the Blue hole snorkel tours? Do you pick up from other local docks? Thank you.


Marion December 28, 2018


We will arrive on Sunday to San Pedro and we wanto to dive both Turneffe (North and Elbow). When do you have some trips next week?


Quincy January 03, 2019

Hey! Do you offer the tour to the blue hole for snorkelers seven days a week? We will be in San Pedro Jan 27-30th. Thanks so much!


Mike January 05, 2019


My wife and I (2 people) would like to do the Blue Hole snorkeling day tour leaving from San Pedro town. Do you have any availability on February 6th 2019 or February 7th 2019? I would like to make a reservation. Thanks!


Jessica January 14, 2019

I’ll be in Belize for one day on a cruise on Tuesday 1/29, there are two of us. We are looking to see the Blue Hole, either by plane or by boat. Do you have any tours or suggestions?


Mark January 21, 2019

Hi, My wife and I are staying at Diamante March 16-24 and are interested in diving with you. Are you in walking distance from Diamante, and can we store gear there?

We would like smaller boats and of course the best dives possible! I am Rescue Diver trained and she is Advanced Open Water. We also have another couple that are more novice divers that would go out at times and another couple that would just snorkel. Can we charter an entire boat (the 6 of us) for Blue Hole and then other outer reefs on that day? What would be the cost of that?
Here is what I’m thinking:
Sunday, March 17 – Mark and Deb – local reef 2 tank morning
Monday, March 18 – Mark – local 2 tank morning – Deb for 2nd dive (1 tank only)
Tuesday, March 19 – Mark and Deb – Turneffe (or this can be another day)
Wednesday, March 20 – Mark, Deb, 2 novice divers – local reef (or can we charter local boat and include 2 snorkelers)
Thursday, March 21 – charter boat again for local reef
Friday, March 22 – Blue Hole and outer reefs
Saturday, March 23 – Mark – local 2 tank morning – Deb and 2 friends for 2nd dive (1 tank only)


Maria January 22, 2019


Me and a friend are interested in the Open Water Certification Course. We want to do it starting on 2/26. How much will the course cost including everything, dive gear, taxes etc? Also do you have availability on the 26th?

Thank you,


Debbie January 26, 2019

The four folks in my family would like to snorkel The Blue Hole, and possibly 2 snorkels and 2 scubas. Can you give me the various rates that would be and what’s included? Thanks!


Cindy February 01, 2019

Hi – I am interested in diving the Blue Hole March 11. What certification do I need to dive the Blue Hole? Would I get transportation from San Pedro to the Lighthouse Reef? Thx


Jaynie February 03, 2019

Hi, I am interested in your Blue Hole snorkeling tour for two people on 2/24. Do you have this tour that day and what are the times and prices? Thank you.


Cinzia February 12, 2019

Dear all,
we are a couple of tourists planning a vacation in Belize at the end of April.
We read on your website about the Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley Snorkel Trip and we are interested in it.
Can you confirm the availability for April 29 (2 people) and confirm the quotation and details (price per person, what is included or not, duration of the tour, departure/arrival time, etc.)?
In case of availability, is it possible to book in advance?
We can confirm we have already booked an hotel in San Pedro for those days.
We are looking for your feedback
Thanks in advance and regards


Mai February 16, 2019

Do you offer snorkel trip to the Blue Hole? If so, how many stops and how much is the total cost per person?



Herb February 25, 2019

I will be visiting Belize by cruise ship on March 12, 2019. Is it still possible to get a dive in with you and be back in time to the ship before it sets sail?
I did a 2 tank dive with your company 1/20/2005 and had such a great time!


Zara March 05, 2019

Hi, I’m interested in booking one or two snorkel trips for 2 people this weekend (Thursday – Monday). What days/times do you go on each of the snorkel trips, and how long is each? Thank you!


Jena March 14, 2019

I´m an instructor traveling tomorrow, the hotel Sun Brezze offered us to pay for 3 tours , blue hole, a 2 tank day and snorkel for wifes and shildren, some how they prices seem to be quite high and above the ones published in your page.
Can you send me the actual price list, to make arrangements directly with you.
Laura Johnson from DAN recomended you shop, and I´m the DAN Examiner for Mexico and the Caribean.


Smeeta March 22, 2019

Hi. I am interested in your snorkeling tours on either Saturday, April 27th or Sunday, April 28th. It would be for 2 people. We would like to go to all 3 locations. I used y’all 10 years ago and loved it.


Mai April 02, 2019

My friend and I are staying in Ramon Village hotel and are interested in a snorkel trip to the Blue Hole this Sat, 4/6. Do you have availability? Also, how much is it per person? How are the times? What are the snorkel stops?


Gida May 16, 2019


I am planning my trip to Ambergris Caye and was looking at the options you had for the Blue Hole/Lighthouse Reef tour. As a snorkeler your price is $125 for just blue hole or turneffe as well? Do you guys offer pickup from hotel or where is the meeting location for this tour? Thanks.


Ashley May 19, 2019

I am trying to book a snorkeling tour to the blue hole for 2 people tomorrow and I saw price is $125/person. Please email me a phone number to contact you so I may call you to discuss. Thank you.


Akiko May 23, 2019

We are coming to San Pedro this weekend and staying at Sunbreeze Hotel on 25 and 26 May,2019.

We would like to join Snorkeling tour. Could you give us the details of the snorkeling tour.
1 destination and what we can see there
any place for Sea Turtle?
2 time table
3. the price

Also please advice us what we should bring to the tour.(Do you provide towels?)
I appreciate it if you kindly sent us those information.

Best regards,


Ray June 03, 2019

I have some questions on a dive


Piotr July 11, 2019


I would be interested in snorkeling Great Blue Hole in Belize. Do you offer that kind of trip, if so what would be the price for 1 person and what would be the itinerary?
I would be visiting Belize and staying in Cay Caulker in late October/early November.

Thank you for all your information

Kind regards



Arabella July 30, 2019

Hi there, we are 1 diver and 4 snorkellers looking to go to the blue hole from San Pedro tomorrow. We are staying st the blue tang hotel. Please let us know if you are available and the best price. Thanks


Jamie August 08, 2019


I am hoping to book snorkeling at the Blue Hole for two people on August 19. We would also need gear.

How do I book? Where do we go?


ricardo August 14, 2019


I wanted to ask for some info on the Blue Hole trip. I will be in San Pedro with my girlfriend 15,16,17 of september and we were wondering if you had any tours running for those dates


Chris August 15, 2019

Do you stop at Caye Caulker to pick people up on the way to lighthouse reef?


Luca August 19, 2019

do you have tour availability at the blue hole for August 19th or 20th? 2 snorkeller people.
thank you


Adam September 20, 2019

Do you have availability for two for snorkeling at the Blue Hole sometime next week? We are hoping for something between 9/23 and 9/27. Do you happen to pick up on Caye Caulker?


Ana October 18, 2019

Hi. I want to know if we can take the open water course in spanish language.


Curtis November 21, 2019


Interested in booking some dives for the week of Jan 2nd to Jan 9th.

There are two of us – one with an advanced open water, one who would like to complete his open water certification while we are there and then do some dives afterwards. He’s planning on completing e-learning in advance so we do not need classroom time

Do you have availability? Would love to connect briefly to chat through. Thanks!


Kevin November 26, 2019


Me and my friend Shirley are visiting San Pedro and would like to do a dive on December 22nd.

We would like to do the 3 tank Blue Hole Dive and each need equipment (mask, fins, BCD, lights).

Can you let us know what your best price would be? We really appreciate any discount possible as we are two students.

Advanced Certification.

Thank you,



Linda December 06, 2019

We will be staying at Tres Coco Resort on Ambergis Caye from Dec 30-Jan 2 nd and are interested in doing a blue hole snorkel for 2 people. What is the cost and is this available during those dates? Thank you,


Lauren January 24, 2020


Id like to dive the blue hole and shark alley on 2/7 with a small group.I am wondering how much it would cost.


Aiko Dolatre January 30, 2020


We are a group of three interested in the snorkeling tour to the blue hole either on February 15th or 16th. Do you guys have any availability for those days? Also, if you do, do you guys do pick-up at Caye Caulker?

Aiko D.


Scott February 04, 2020


My wife and I will be visiting San Pedro at the end of February. She is looking to complete her open water dives for her Open Water Diver course. When do you run courses, and what would your referral dive costs be? I am a certified diver, and would like to accompany her on her dives. Is that possible for me to do, and pay for a two tank dive tour?


Devin February 05, 2020

Hi, I am staying in San Pedro with my family in late March. How much would it be to for 3 adults and 2 children to take a boat out to the blue hole. I would like to swim around the area and take some drone footage.


Sheena February 09, 2020

How much would it be to snorkel the blue hole? Looking to book an excursion for 2 people on Wednesday February 19th


Marco February 24, 2020

Hello, good afternoon. Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit San Pedro and do the dives at Blue Hole. I was reading your website and read about the overnight atoll trip. Can you tell me what’s the price for that tour for 2 people. We are both certified divers and last dive is going be this week in Cozumel.


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