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Belongas bay is located in the southwestern island of Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). The blue ocean and white sandy beaches with tropical atmosphere can be found there. The access to get there is easy. You can travel about 1.5 hours by boat. You can also access directly from the island of Bali. There are so many attractions such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving in Belongas Bay is one of the most attractive activities for the divers.

Bali has a million charms of dive places, and Lombok also has various outstanding dive sites. One of the favorite dive sites is located in the Belongas Bay; it can be reached in 5 minutes by boat from the Sepi bay. Belongas dive sites are perfect for divers. There are such great coral reef captivates and abundance of marine life. Here you can meet a bunch of macros and manta paradise. Diving here, you will encounter marine paradise that is still pristine and intact environment. There are many locations that can be explored around here.

Belongas bay is famous for its diving locations namely The Magnet and The Cathedral. Here, you will encounter the pristine coral reefs and an abundance of marine life that is so captivating. Diving in the south eastern Lombok according to the season you can find a bunch of barracuda, tuna and other marine biota large, regardless of Mobula and eagle ray season in September. Flow and conditions in eastern South Lombok is really challenging. The open ocean at the Magnet is full of challenging conditions with great fishing action. Groups of mackerel, rainbow runners, tuna and barracuda will accompany your dive. You can find white or black fin sharks, even a reef shark and the group of grey hammerheads if you are lucky. The Cathedral, this peak comes from 50 M and sometimes offers a bit challenging conditions compared to the Magnet. Here a lot of tuna, mackerels and barracuda can be found. Here there have been seen a group of eagle rays playing in front of the cave entrance at the depth of 40 meters.

In the Coral Garden, which is the point around large rocks, you can see the yellow soft corals, orange and purple, coral cambung, some Gorgonia and Anemones. There are also some small shrimp and hordes Barracuda. Coral garden includes a simple dive into the region because it can be dived to the depth of 25 meters under the sea. Meanwhile if diving in point Shirts and Wollis Pinnacle Reef, you will see a large black frogfish, sharks, ribbon eels and several species of Nudibrach. In this area there is a large stone that stands about 7 feet below the sea level.

Diving in Belongas bay has been really challenging from the past few years. However, it is only for the experienced and professional divers. The most extreme diving experience could be found in Belongas Bay.

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