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The unspoiled island of Biak is located in the Cendrawasih Bay of Papua, Irian Jaya. Biak was Indonesia’s gateway during World War II and served as one of the home bases of the Allied Forces when attacking Japanese troops. Besides the memorial of World War II remains, there are also some other good places to witness. Biak Island is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. Parai, Yendidori, Adoki, Wardo and Owi Island beaches are the most popular ones. Around these areas, you will find pristine white sand and crystal clear water, which is simply teeming with marine life. Biak Island is a good place to practice water sports such as diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking. There are about 20 small islands scattered off the coast of the mainland of Biak in the beautiful Cenderawasih bay. There is Padaido archipelago, a group of small islands, which are the best location for diving and snorkeling activities. Diving in Biak will get you to see beautiful fishes and coral heads decorating these waters with brilliant colors and sea turtles and dolphins fishes playing around. You may also walk around to see the kinds of birds of Nusi island.

The Indonesian archipelago is a vast area, and the island of Biak is on the eastern edge of Indonesia. Take a note that diving in Biak is not for those with little time and less money, as the place is rather deserted and not greatly supported with public transportations. Even though it is far away from the capital city, Biak can be reached by planes of the domestic Indonesian airlines. Moreover, Biak has its own domestic airport, Frans Kaisiepo Airport. To get to Biak Island, there are daily flights from Jayapura or Jakarta and Bali. To reach the diving sites in Biak, you can rent a car or get a public bus. From nearby beaches, you can get a boat to take you to the diving site.

Diving in Biak is mainly done in a group of small islands called Padaido Islands and Owi island which are the best location for diving and snorkeling activities. It is possible to see the entire underwater sights from the surface of the clear water. A various kinds of fish, underwater cave, World War II wrecks, and beautiful drop walls with natural sea life decorate this diving spot. On the unique coral reefs, a tremendous collection of marine life can be found there, such as Red and orange encrusting spongers, Christmas tree worms, basket and tube spongers, soft and hard corals, sea-fans, anemones and clown fish, red-blue pink and brown starfish, bright colored crinoids, giant tunicates, sea-whips, nudibranch, transparent and red-striped coral shrimps, blue ribbon ells, lobsters, moluccas and thousands of ornamental coral fish. The large pelagic that often seen in the area are Napoleon wrasse, angel fish, turtles, stingrays, and eagle rays snappers, groupers, tunas, sea-snakes, sharks, barracudas and dolphins.

Biak is not only a tropical paradise with beautiful scenic nature, but also a truly tropical divers’ paradise with many beautiful atolls, reefs and corals. There are over three dozen dive locations to choose from, with some unexplored areas. Wrecks, caves and a wide range of biodiversity around the area guarantee a true underwater surprise for you.

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