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Cayman Brac has not received the attention that Grand Cayman has, it offers little safe harbour and cruise ships keep away. In addition to great diving, the Brac also has quite a few limestone cave systems carved out of it’s limestone bluffs, which can be explored (bring a torch). The shallow dive sites inside the wall offer great snorkelling value for non divers.

Cayman Brac is a real treat for divers having high visibility, due to little to no island runoff, and little current. Fringing reef surrounds most of the island with the long torpedo shape of the island giving rise to two different diving environments. The wall extends all the way around the island, with the north side of the wall having more sponge life, including strawberry, large barrel and vase sponges. The south side of the island is more characterised by groove and spur coral formations that run perpendicular to the shore. Southern dive sites are spectacular with chimneys, tunnels and swim throughs. The trade winds generally come from the east, therefore most of the diving is done on the northwest side of the island.

One of the real attractions to dive is the wreck MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts (or russian frigate #356), which was sunk in 1996 in shallow water. The wreck, 330ft long and 68ft high, lies in about 60ft of water and is already starting to sink into the sand. Due to the shallow depth of the wreck, it can be clearly seen from the surface on snorkel. Cayman Brac dive operators also schedule dive trips to Little Caymans Bloody Bay Marine Park, which is a 45 minute boat ride away.

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Few dive destinations can rival the underwater diversity offered on board the Cayman Agressor live aboard.

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