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Sulawesi is truly the paradise for divers. Many diving site available in this island and some of those sites are available for all divers. You might never hear the word Donggala, or does not even know where Donggala is. For a heads up, Donggala is located in Sulawesi Island and it is a pretty secluded place. This site is not like any other diving site in the big city in Sulawesi, there is only 1 diving resort in here. However, In terms of easy to reach, Donggalamight be the winner. If you do not have much time for diving and looking for a site that is does not take much time to travel to, then Donggala is your answer.

Donggala is located in Central Sulawesi, near Palu. Donggala itself is a small village which you can reach with only 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from the airport in Palu. As mention above, there is only 1 diving center in Donggala, more precisely at Tanjung Karang a small beach located in north of Donggala. Based on the weather map, Donggala is the driest place in Indonesia, which is a good for you divers.

Since there is only 1 diving center in Donggala, you can only come to this place, The Prince John Diving Resort, if you wish to have guidance about the diving spot. The Prince John Diving Resort has 15 bungalows and each of the bungalows has a direct access to the beach. If you are not on your diving activities, enjoying the sea view from your bungalow would be a good choice either. This resort gives you full services from accommodation, diving or snorkeling and also meals. The price for a single dive in here is starting from EUR 29. This resort also provide discount if you come in group. If you wish to have a diving package there is also a package for min 4 person with price IDR 3.500.000,- per person.

There are several dive sites in this beach, the first one would be the Gili Raja wrecks. In this site, you can see a huge ship which sinks in 1958. Not everyone is allowed to enter this site because not only the depth (it is 50 meters under water), but also because this ship is preserved. Diving log or certificate will not do here; you have to convince the diving instructor that you are capable to dive in this site.

For you beginner divers, you might want to visit House Reef site. In this site, there are a lot of beautiful corals and hundreds of fishes playing in the coral. This place also good for a night dive and moreover it is easy to reach.

Last but not least are the Batu Suya, Enu I and Enu II. These sites is located in north of Donggala and it took around 30 minute to 40 minute by boat. The depth is ranging in here so it is good for you who are beginner or already a professional diver. You can see beautiful coral and mackerel fish in here and a beautiful longnose hawk fishes.

That is all about Donggala. Overall, it is the best choice if you look for a calm dive sites with less people, yet the view is also beautiful. The resort also gives good services. Even though it is only one resort, but after you enter you might not want to choose other resort if available.

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