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The Fiji Islands are an unspoiled tropical paradise located roughly 2000 kilometres north east of North Island in New Zealand. This South Pacific country is actually made up of a chain of 332 islands, but only around 100 of these are inhabited. The islands were formed over 150 million years ago as a result of volcanic activity, some of which continues today on the islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu. Aside from active volcanoes, Fiji offers a multitude of thrilling experiences such as giant zip-lines, parasailing, mountain climbing and rainforest trails.

Fiji’s landscape is rather rugged but undeniably beautiful, with sandy beaches complete with palm trees, blue lagoons and a peaceful island holiday vibe that is sure to relax even the most uptight of travellers.

Since the country is surrounded by the magnificent, crystal clear waters of the South Pacific, water sports play a major part in any visit to Fiji and options include jet ski safaris, surfing, white water rafting, shark diving and scuba diving at some of the best dive sites on earth. Fiji boasts over 4000 square miles of unspoiled coral reef, giving divers the chance to experience marine biodiversity like nowhere else.

Dive Map of Fiji

Fiji Dive Map

Best Diving Destinations in Fiji

Fiji dive sites are particularly well-known for supporting large quantities of colourful soft corals. In fact, several hundred different types of corals and sponges have been recorded. While these are certainly a highlight in their own right, Fiji also boasts many hard coral formations that make for an interesting underwater landscape. Divers looking for an adrenalin-packed experience need to look no further than drift diving experiences in Fiji. There are also steep vertical walls, wrecks, exciting swim-throughs and long, sloping reefs to be explored.

In terms of marine life, divers are unlikely to be disappointed as the waters of Fiji are home to over 1000 fish species both large and small. Highlights include eagle rays, turtles, sharks and massive numbers of colourful and exotic reef fish as well as various nudibranch species.

Vanua Levu and Lavenuni Islands, the northern areas, offer extremely high-quality drift dives. The Somosoma straights with Rainbow reef that runs straight across them provide very fast and exciting drift dives where you can see just about everything that swims in the fish food chain plus dramatic spreads of corals. Visibility is typically about 90 feet and large pelagics are very commonly seen.

The Western Areas

Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, the western areas, are on the leeward side of Viti Levu. This protection gives rise to coral gardens, caves, swim throughs, arches, and walls. Masses of marine life, including tropical reef, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and lots of sharks love this area. If you are really lucky you may even see a whale shark.

Dive Map of Mamanuca, Yasawa Islands and Malolo
Malolo Barrier Reef, Mamanuca and Yasawa Fiji Dive Map

Many divers choose to start their diving adventure on the largest island of Vitu Levu, and for good reason. Many of Fiji’s most popular dive sites are located just off the shores of Vitu Levu and a major highlight for many is the shark diving opportunities that abound in the area. Departing from Pacific Harbour, divers should be prepared to encounter as many as 8 intimidating shark species on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Underwater photographers are likely to take away fantastic images of white tip reef sharks, hammerheads, bull sharks, black tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and silvertip sharks.

The Northern Areas

Vanua Levu and Lavenuni Islands, the northern areas, offer extremely high-quality drift dives. The Somosoma straights with Rainbow reef that runs straight across them provide very fast and exciting drift dives where you can see just about everything that swims in the fish food chain plus dramatic spreads of corals. Visibility is typically about 90 feet and large pelagics are very commonly seen.

Somosomo Strait is a channel that stretches between the major islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni and thanks to tidal currents in the area is the perfect location to see many of the soft coral species that Fiji is famous for. Rainbow Reef is a wall dive that is not to be missed in this area as it guarantees sightings of large numbers of pelagic fish. Another wall dive to include on your diving itinerary is the Great White Wall, appropriately named due to the beautiful white soft corals that completely cover the wall.

For both hard and soft corals, diver should visit the secluded barrier reef within Namena Marine Park and if you’re looking for manta rays in their masses, Great Astrolable reef off Kadavu is the place to visit. Also nearby Kadavu is a site known as the Crazy Maze which offers around 11 fantastic swim-throughs and great coral formations. Sea turtles and barracuda can also be seen here at Namalata Reef.

Located right in the middle of nutrient-rich waters between Vanua Levu and Viti Levu is an oddly-named pinnacle known as E-6. Soft corals and large sea fans thrive on the protected side of the pinnacle whilst major pelagic fish enjoy the strong currents on the other sides. Divers should not miss the Cathedral swim-through on this dive which is exceptionally beautiful.

The Southern Areas

Vatulele, Kadavu, Beqa and Yanuca Islands, the southern areas, provide two unique pinnacles to dive on, located between the islands of Beqa and Yanuca. These pinnacles are nicknamed Ceasers and ET and are a great spot for both divers and snorkelers. Also of interest is the wreck of a 200 tons Taiwanese trawler and aquarium no1 and no2, which are small blue holes that plunge some 130 feet into the reef. Further south is Kadavu that has sheer wall diving which is very popular with divers and sharks. Typical marine life includes Tiera Bat Fish, Maori Wrasse, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo and if you venture a bit deeper you may see Humpback whales, Hammerhead sharks, and White Marlin.

Near to Beqa Lagoon is a site known as Ceasar’s Rocks which is popular with those divers who enjoy exploring a good tunnel and swim-through. Macro divers can also be entertained thanks to a wide variety of blennies and nudibranchs at this site and a large number of nooks and crannies to explore.

The Eastern areas

Lomaiviti Islands, or the eastern areas, are considered to be the best that Fiji has to offer. This area is more remote and is accessible on a liveaboard. You can experience the ultimate drift dive, a 3 or 4-knot ride at Nigali Pass where you can see giant groupers 100 – 200 pounds each, sea snakes, and platoons of patrolling sharks. Also typical to the area are schools of Jacks, Barracuda, Cornet fish, and the occasional Scalloped Hammerhead.

Dive Map of Qamea

Qamea Dive Map

When to Visit Fiji

Diving is popular all throughout the year in Fiji and is particularly popular from April to October. Although these are technically the winter months, visibility is at its highest in July and also December and can sometimes extend beyond 50 metres. Needless to say that kind of visibility is an absolute delight, especially for underwater photographers. Water temperatures are still fairly warm and remain in the range of 24-27°C, whilst winds can increase in strength during these months.

Fiji’s rainy season runs from December to March and these are also the summer months which bring with them increased chance of cyclone action. The water temperature will rise to around 30°C in some areas, making a shortie or 3mm wetsuit more than sufficient when diving. Although visibility is slightly reduced from the impeccable visibility of the winter months, this should not deter divers looking to experience a magnificent Fijian summer. Fiji also experiences a few cross-over months where the seasons are transitioning, and many visitors choose these months – April, May and November – to visit.

Travel tips

Feeling inspired and raring to go? Check out our Fiji travel guide and start planning your next diving trip!

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Jesika August 05, 2017

We are planning at trip in Fiji for 2 between April 15 to May 8 2018. I saw that you do maintenance that time of year. Will you be open and do you have availability? We are also divers. In addition to the two-tank boat dives, do you have unguided shore diving available? Please let me know.


Olivia August 07, 2017

Hi there,

do you do shark dives as well? I am looking to stay at The Beach Resort

Thank you!


    Narendra singh BHANDARI August 02, 2019

    Dear sir/Madam
    Good Morning
    I am seeking for the post of scuba deep diving for my further
    carrier, for the experience I have completed my scuba deep diving course CD
    3 from Bangladesh and working in disaster management college of Armed
    police force Nepal. Now after few month I am going to retire from my
    national job so if any post suit for me in your company will available it
    will be great for me, hereby i have attached my related document for you
    verification. THANK YOU

    Narendra singh BHANDARI


Amy August 14, 2017

I have longed to visit Fiji for over 15 years and I’m hoping that soon I can make the trip a reality! Have you any availability for November/December 2017, excluding the Christmas/New Year range?
Thank you!


Mike August 30, 2017

I want to dive the Coral Coast – I am staying at the Fiji Marriott Momi Bay. Do you have a 3 tank dive on the 1st or 2nd? (long drive so want to get in more dive time)


Steven September 03, 2017


My fiancee and I are looking to book a stay at your resort for our honeymoon. We would be arriving on Saturday, December 23rd, and departing on Wednesday December 27th. Your resort comes highly recommended from a friend, and we look forward to the possibility of staying.

Warm regards,


Helena September 03, 2017

We were wondering if you have a date for re-opening? We are moving to Fiji soon for my husbands job, and wanted to have our honeymoon on the Island in December. Please let me know if you are opening any time soon. Thanks, Helena


Nicole September 11, 2017

Bula vinaka,

I’m an Australuan volunteer living in Suva and am interested in doing my advanced open water.

Would you be able to provide me with a quote for it please? It would need to be done over a weekend/weekends and I would likely be based out of the Beachhouse as cost is a big consideration

Any info you could provide would be great



Alexandra September 12, 2017

Bula! Do you have any availability in the next 2 weeks?? If not, when is your soonest availability??


Noa September 18, 2017

I will be arriving in Taveuni in the beginning of October and wanted to know the prices for diving with you? Where are you located and where do you go out from?
Do you dive the great white wall?
As well as any other information you can provide regarding diving..
Thank you,


Evelyn September 26, 2017

My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Beachouse on Saturday night this week. We were hoping to do 1-2 dives on Sunday morning (October 1st).

Do we book these dives in advance? Or can we just book it when we arrive on Saturday at the Beachouse?



Nathan October 03, 2017


My wife and I are interested in doing 8-10 dives between Oct 29th and Nov 3. Do you have availability in any of these dates? Also do you offer trips to Beqa Lagoon?



Wendy October 05, 2017

we (2 person) are planning to dive from 18/12/2017-22/12/2017. would like to know the 5 day dive package deal for more detail.


Soni October 08, 2017

How to book dives?


Caoimhe October 18, 2017

Hi there,

I was just wondering if you are doing any tours for diving or snorkelling, sorry for the late notice. We are staying in Matei and would love to dive or snorkel!

Many thanks,



Caoimhe October 19, 2017


We had booked a snorkel trip this morning with another company but it has been cancelled due to weather, it is our last day here today and we really wanted to snorkel the rainbow reef.

Is there any chance you have any trips or could we arrange a trip with you for dive or snorkel at any time today?

Thanks for your help,




Ian October 25, 2017

I have already contacted you with a general enquiry. I have now confirmed my stay at Bedarra Beach Inn from Jan 15th to 21st. I would like to book a 6 dive package for just me (couldn’t interest my wife!) Looking forward to hearing from you/diving with you soon! Many thanks.


Ludvig October 25, 2017

Hello, im currently on Taveuni staying at Maravou at Matei,and was wondering if you will do antal dive trips out to the rainbow reef tomorrow or on Saturday?



Sarah November 06, 2017

Hi! My husband and I are traveling to Fiji over Christmas and hoping to dive one day. We just booked a room at mango bay. We’re curious if you operate dives the 24th or 25th of December? Thanks!!


Catherine November 11, 2017

We are staying in Maui bay and would like to do a one tank dive tomorrow morning (Monday, November 13). We are both certified and our last dive was yesterday in Bela. Please let me know if this is possible and what the prices are. Also where do your boats leave from and how long is the boat ride to the dive site.


Kyoko December 30, 2017

We are interested in diving vacation in 2018. Thanks.


galia December 30, 2017

My Name is Galia and I’m looking for a place for a DMT program starting this coming August.

I’ll be around Fiji and Tonga this coming July (I booked a 9 days trip in Tonga that’s leaving on July 21st), and I’m interested in staying in the area to do the Divermaster course and work as a Divemaster starting right after the trip (July 31st).

I am a 29 years old rescue diver (Padi Open Water and Advance certification and a Master Diver certification through SSI -including a rescue diver certification) with over 400 dives in different places in the world (including Mexico, Socorro, Maldives, Cuba – gardens of the queen, Egypt, Israel and more).

I’m originally from Israel and right now I’m working as a teacher in New York (this is my 4th year here) and in my past I was a tour guide that worked with people with special needs in Israel. I’m great with people and I love, adore and respect the ocean. I’m also a competent and calm diver. I think that those qualities will make me a good Dive Master.

I would love to hear more about your Divemaster training program.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,


Stephanie December 31, 2017

Myself and my fiancé are thinking of spending the last week in December 2018 and first week in January in Fiji with a week stay. We would like to dive every day we’re there.
Can you please let me know if any rooms available during that time period? Thank you, Stephanie


Nicolas January 03, 2018


I am a French multi-lingual PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, 3-Star CMAS and also FFESSM Dive Leader, teaching for 5 years in 6 countries across South-East Asia and Central America, of which more than 2 years were in the Maldives.
I am most recently a DCM with Euro-Divers Amari Havodda (Maldives).

I am deeply passionate about oceans, marine wildlife and conservation, underwater photography, teaching scuba diving and guiding.

I take immense pride and satisfaction when our divers improve their skills and knowledge, and when they express their appreciation or develop a love for diving.
My goal is to make their day. This is the reason I do this job. Diving is more than work, it is my passion, diving is the life I choose to live.

During my instructor training and diving activities, I have developed skills such as the ability to lead a course with a high level of professionalism, keeping in mind customer satisfaction, as well as ensuring safety and protection of the environment.
I also feel confident teaching in foreign languages, as I have a long international professional background of around 10 years.

I am fluent in French, Spanish and English. I have lived and worked in France, Spain, England, Thailand, Greece, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Maldives and Singapore.

All the training I have received, from Open Water to MSDT, was at 5-star Career Development Centre Crystal Dive Resort, in Koh Tao, Thailand, by Course Directors only (Matt Bolton, Kenji Takahashi and Justin Mayers) in 2010 and 2011.
This quality teaching is a guarantee of my high professionalism.
Platinum Course Director Justin Mayers can be contacted to support my job application.

Thereafter, I worked as a Divemaster at Crystal Dive Resort in Koh Tao in 2010 and 2011, leading four to five dives a day for five months and then when I became an instructor too.

Following my Crystal Dive Resort experience, I moved to Crete at Creta Maris, Greece, for a very short stint during summer 2011.

Following that, I worked in Koh Phi-Phi, Thailand, a very busy diving island, at Scool Divers and then at Princess Divers, for 10 months. As there were many dive centres around creating high competition on a very small island, I improved my sales technique during my time there.

In September 2013, my 3-month work in Panama at The Dutch Pirate, in the Bocas Del Toro archipelago, involved a two-person team. Together with my workmate, we were responsible for all the courses, fun dives, planning and all necessary logistics to run the dive centre.

After that, I worked at Summer Salt Dive Center in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, for a short but very busy period during the Christmas and New Year period.

In 2014 in Roatan, Honduras for 6 months at Tropical Island Divers, the dive center of the Marble Hill Farms, an eco resort, my work consisted of managing all watersports activities as I was the only dive professional on-site.

Immediately after my Central America experience, I worked in the Maldives for 1.5 years in a 5-star resort, the Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru. There I managed both diving and watersports activities, and also trained guests to be environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly.

In January last year, I joined Euro-Divers Maldives first as an instructor in Eriyadu for a month and thereafter as a Dive and Watersports Center Manager in Amari Havodda, a 5-star resort.
I was in charge of both Watersport and Diving operations and managing a Team of 14 staff. My responsibilities also included teaching and selling PADI programs, guiding, co-working with the resort to increase guest occupancy and revenue, accounting, billing, equipment purchase/logistics, monthly report, staff training.
Moreover I hosted Tour Operators, journalists and Underwater photographers/videographers.
I was also the administrator of the dive center’s Facebook page.
Euro-Divers’ Regional Manager can be contacted to support my job application.

What can I bring?

I have a passion for diving and a real enthusiasm for excellent customer service and underwater environment conservation. I am a responsible and dedicated person.

As an individual, this is what I stand for:
– A professional
– Respect PADI standards
– Safety is my priority
– Protection of the environment
– Discipline
– Being fair

I also have a very keen interest in the following which I love to share with my guests and students:
– Marine life knowledge
– Underwater Photography/Videography

Combined with my previous hospitality work experience in bars, catering and 5* hotel business industry for 3 years in Madrid, Spain, plus 24 months in three 5-star resorts in the Maldives, you can count on my extremely high level of professionalism giving the highest priority to customer and diver safety.

I went back to France in June 2012 and worked as a basketball coach for a season for men and juvenile teams. I possess strong team experience and know how to work together to achieve the same goal.

In August 2013, I passed medical, physical and diving tests to enter the National Institut of Professional Diving (I.N.P.P.) in Marseille, France, to become a commercial diver. In the end, I decided not to pursue the course as I wanted to continue recreational diving and teaching.

I will bring with me all my enthusiasm, my energy and my experience into your team.

I am happy to furnish contact details for your reference checks, as needed, when we are further along in the interview process.

I am a non-smoker, and have no tattoos nor piercings.
I have my own equipment, DAN pro insurance and PADI renewal.

I can be in Fiji anytime you need me from february onwards.

If you have a role that matches my profile, please contact me by e-mail at [email protected].

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best for 2018.

Yours sincerely,



Cara-Leigh January 04, 2018

Hi! I was wondering if I could please get some more information about the divemaster program? I’m from South Africa and I recently visited Fiji and did some dives out there. I would love to come back for my divemaster course, so I’m trying to find the right company. I’d like to know what the costs are, inclusions, requirements etc.

I’d like to spend about 3 months from Feb/March – June, if possible? I’m very flexible so I would also consider a shorter placement.

Hoping for an internship-style, because I want to gain as much experience as possible.

Thank you!


Greg January 05, 2018

Hi there. We will be coming to fiji in the end of March and are looking to do some diving while there. I read on a review somewhere that you had an awesome shark dive, but not sure I saw it listed on your site. Can you confirm if you do have a shark dive and if so, what dive site it might be in? Thanks


rinat February 07, 2018


I am interested in Divemaster course. would love to year everything with respect to the program offered, including rates and duration of the course.

Thank you very much,


Nicola February 25, 2018


I would like to enquire about the cost of doing open water dive courses for definitely 1 and up to 4 people, and for 1 person to do their advanced course.

My partner and I are definitely keen to book a course (one open water and one advanced), and we have a few friends who will join us if the price/timing is right!

We all live and work in Suva, and would prefer to do as much of the course as possible on the weekend. We will happily do the theory before we arrive if that’s possible?

Please will you send the local rates for the two courses, and perhaps some weekend dates that would suit your team in the coming month or so (would 17/18 March work? Or 24/25 March?).

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.



Emma March 12, 2018


Just checking that the PADI scuba diver course is still 445 FJD? and that you still operate from Hideaway resort?

Thank you


Alex March 15, 2018

Me and my wife are coming to Fiji between the 16th and 22nd May. Would you be able to accommodate us to complete our PADI Advance Open Water? We have our Open water and have between 10 and 15 logged dives each.
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,


Craig March 29, 2018

Is the Namena Island Resort (Moody’s) in operation I had read that it was destroyed by a typhoon two years ago


Monika July 01, 2018

Bula Fiji,

I’ll be staying in the Beachouse soon. I’d like to go on PADI Discover Scuba Diving with you on Wednesday 🙂

Is it possible? Could I go on the two dives the same day option?

Looking forward to your answer 🙂


Monika July 02, 2018

Yesterday I sent you a message. I was asking about the possibility of having a Discover Scuba diving (introduction and 2 dives) on Wednesday. Could you answer me back? 🙂


Phyllis July 04, 2018

I am planning a diving trip there in the next 6-10 months.

Thank you and best regards,


Zeebran Ariff July 13, 2018

Hey guys

I know this is a dumb question but do you need to know swimming before you go for a dive?

Lol I can swim from one point to another but staying afloat in deep water is a difficult task for me.

Interested in the dive course but should I learn how to swim fast?

I live in Lautoka and can’t find anyone here who gives swimming lessons to adults…

My friends and I planning to come on down to Beachouse sometime so we’re keen but please advise on above.



Ian July 18, 2018

Hi. I dive but the rest of my family does not. Do you do diving and snorkeling trips.


Veronique August 17, 2018

Hei. i would like to do a discover scuba diving lesson. i will arrive in korotogo the 21.8 and stay till the 24.8
is it possible to do a lesson or even to do a padi certification in this short time?


Nikki August 23, 2018

Can you please email me the consent forms for scuba diving from Fiji Hideaway? We’re staying there for a week in September but I am bringing two children with me and I am not their legal guardians. I will need their legal guardian to sign the form in advance before we leave Australia. Please send through your insurance information too as they need that as well.


Molly September 11, 2018


My husband and I are cruisers on our private boat (S/V Ripple) and we are interested in diving at Namena. It is possible for us to schedule a couple of dives with your resort?

Any information you could share with us regarding diving at Namena would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Molly Reynolds


Joe October 17, 2018

I am currently over in Fiji until the 26th and I would like to get some dives in. I have done a dive with you guys a few years back. I’m staying in Pacific Harbour.
Regards Joe


Julia November 10, 2018


I’ll be in Fiji in December and am wondering if you offer trips where you are under the care of an instructor without doinig an entire dive course?

I did my open water in July 2016 however I have only snorkelled and free dived since and given the length of time that has elapsed I wouldn’t be fully confident to head out without some assistance.

Any info appreciated.

Thank you



Stefan December 07, 2018

My Girlfriend And I just checked your website.

We Will Arrive In Nadi On December 09th In The Morning And Will Be On Fiji Until December 21st . In That Time, We Would Love To Do Some Scuba Diving (We Are Both Certified Dive Masters) And Maybe Some Surfing – Besides Exploring The Beautiful Fiji Islands.

We Didn’t Understand All The Information On Your Webpage. It Would Be Great If You Can Make Us A Package For Accommodation, Scuba Diving And Maybe Some Other Activities Eg Surfing (Beginner) Or Kayaking.

Since We Are On A Backpacker Budget, The Room Doesn’t Have To Be Very Fancy Or Needs To Have An Ocean View ☺

We Look Forward To Your Offer!

Best Regards


Cristina January 08, 2019

I am planning a honeymoon to Fiji in February, and my research has led me to Vanua Levu.

Do you have any availability for the middle of February 2019, and do you have any special discounts available?

Thank you kindly,


Charlotte January 16, 2019

Hello, your island looks wonderful. We would love to visit in January 2021, and were wondering if you have availability?


Van Nguyen February 14, 2019

I am interested in the Patty open water certification program. Can you please tell me how many days is required?


Dominique March 13, 2019

Good morning,
I am flyimg into NAdi on June 4th, leaving on june 12th. I would like to make reservations from June 5th till June 10th, 5 nights for one person, an avid scuba diver.Do you have space for me and what would the rate be ?


kate March 26, 2019

we are coming to fiji for my big birthday and would like to do snorkelling. We can come from 1-5th January 2020 or 5-11th January 2020. We are 2 people coming from UK.
We are staying near Maui bay for 10 days before the 1st January. How do we get to Namena? Many thanks


Joanne March 30, 2019

Hi we are a family of four
We want to learn to dive. We are at the Hideaway from 13-20 April.
Do we need medical certificate or anything?


Liz April 12, 2019

Hello! I would like to take PADI course (minus the study/book part) starting on April 30! Is that a possibility and how long would it take for the certification? Please let me know! Thank you!


Thuy April 16, 2019

Tried to come back another time and the coup canceled our plan, Please let us know so we can plan our visit. We have been telling how wonderful your island is to our children. Had promise to take them when they are old enough. Now they are 23 and 25 so it’s time. Love.


James July 07, 2019

My Wife and I are staying at the outrigger resort in Fiji from the 15th of September to the 25th and are looking to do some gentle relaxed diving. My wife is a PADI Open Water Diver qualified to 18m and I am a BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) sports diver qualified to 35m. Are you able to accommodate us?


Darryl July 09, 2019

Hi I’d like to book my 13 and 15 yr old children into you free pool introduction to diving experience cheers Darryl


Kirsten July 13, 2019

Hello! I will be in Fiji September 23-October 1. I am a certified open water PADI diver. Do I need to book the diving in advance or can I book when I arrive? Does it change the price?


Anthony July 14, 2019

Hello I am currently working in Fiji as a Dive master and dive instructor Trainee, am looking for a new opportunity to further enhance my skills.
I am writing this in regards of your programs, and I wonder if there’s a chance you’d provide programs for trainees.
My goal is to travel around the world as a Dive instructor.
I am diligent, brave and confident and am able to adapt to new environment quickly.
I can speak native Cantonese and Mandarin, English as a second language.
I’d love to share more with you in person.
I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,


Darryl July 15, 2019

Hi I have Max Jones PADI result however I need an email address to send it through cheers Darryl


Jamie September 17, 2019

I’m staying at the Fiji Hideaway Resort in October and would love to get some diving in on my trip. Is one of your locations at this resort/hotel?


Patrick September 25, 2019

Hi, Do you have any availability between Oct 6th and 18th?


Larry September 30, 2019

We are coming to stay from 13 April to 25 April 2020. we are soon to be Rescue diver certified. around 100 dives. We will bring all of our equipment, need weights and tanks. we are staying at the Hideaway Resort. We would like to get a package for approx. 15 to 20 dives with 3 night dives. please let us know cost in U.S dollars for the two of us to dive with your company. We have read that you have a boat that operates out of the Resort, is that true?
thank you


John October 18, 2019

We are looking for a 5 night stay May 2 through May 7, 2020. Do you have a unit available?


Rolf November 13, 2019

My wife and I visited Moody’s in 2010.
Is it still actively in operation and accepting reservations?


Lohan December 20, 2019

Hi guys, my girlfriend and I are interested to dive with you! We both have dived before but it was a long time ago.
We’re staying in Sigatoka for 2 more days.
Do you have any availability on these days?
We can answer me on WhatsApp
Have a nice day!


Patrick December 21, 2019

I am interested in diving, or possibly good snorkelling, from either of your locations on January 16. There would be 2 of us, both PADI Open Water certified, but neither of us has done a lot of diving, nor any at all in years. We are interested in coral and giant clams, and honestly snorkelling would be fine with us if we knew we could access high quality reef. For diving we would need a bit of a refresher, and all gear, but are happy to stay fairly shallow.

Thank you very much for any help!


Katie January 02, 2020

Hi- I’m looking at a PADI open water course with my boyfriend on a vacation to Fiji in March. I am PADI certified and probably need a refresher, and he is not certified. If he completed the online portions of the course in advance of travel, would the dive time still be 4 days? Also, how much time per day is that- are these half or full days?

Thanks so much!


Leona February 06, 2020

Hi there. I’ll be in Fiji for a conference and hoping to do a couple of dives while I’m there. Just wondering if you have any availability on monday, August 10th.
Thanks heaps


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