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Gili Islands are three pleasant atolls where the beaches are still clean and the water is so clear with the beautiful sunset over Mt. Agung in Bali and sunrise over Mt. Rinjani in Lombok. It is located on the Northwest corner of Lombok. There are three Gilis; Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Visiting Gili Islands is just a short two-hour boat trip from Bali to get there.

One of the most attractive islands is Gili Meno which is located in the middle of the islands. It is the smallest of the three Gili Islands and the quietest island with fewer tourists. The island lies directly in line in the middle of the other Gilis of Trawangan and Air, both only separated by about 1 km of water. Gili Meno is the quietest and most undeveloped natural island of the three islands. The special features of this island are the salt lake, beautiful scenery and spectacular diving sites. The beach on the Eastern part of the island is very nice and the underwater sea is awesome.

Gili Meno has a population of about 300 locals. The interior of the island is mostly palm trees surrounded by grass which is kept neat by the cows munching lazily in the shade. What a lovely countryside! In addition, there are no cars or motorbikes on the island due to the local regulations. All transportation there is done by horse-drawn carts or walking. Diving in Gili Meno is pretty good. It has quite strong currents and incredible swimming pool visibility. This is the most idyllic island among the other islands in Asia.

Fresh water is shipped from Lombok in Gili Meno. Eco-friendly practices are not an option, it is a necessity. There are many options for an enjoyable holiday on the island. You can rent snorkeling equipment, just snorkeling off the shore to see the magnificent coral reefs and fishes or even join a diving course to see the magnificent underwater world by diving in Gili Meno.

In Gili Meno, there are some stunning dive sites such as Sea Turtle Point, Meno Wall and Blue Coral Point. Furthermore, there are few quality scuba diving operations on the island. The blue coral garden around the Northeast of Gili Meno can be reached by snorkeling off the beach or diving. Turtle point and Meno wall are located in the Northwest of Gili Meno which can be reached only by boat. You can also join one of the boat dive trips that are available there. You cannot refuse diving in Gili Meno, can you?

There are also diving equipment shops in Gili Meno. So, you do not have to worry as you still can enjoy the gorgeous underwater life in Gili Meno easily. It is a small and quiet island where divers are for a treat both in and out of the water. You can experience a life without traffic and stress in Gili Meno while enjoying the sunshine, perfect white beaches and palm trees.

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