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Hawaii, with it’s many islands and well developed tourist infrastructure, has numerous diving opportunities.The best places to dive on Oahu are near the famous landmark of Diamond Head. Other popular areas are along the Waianae Coast (outstanding during summer months), the North Shore (not accessible during winter months because of high surf), and Makapuu’s offshore Rabbit Island. Maui offers a host of good to outstanding diving areas all around its shoreline. The best area on the Big Island of Hawaii is along the Kona Coast where there are excellent places to dive to view beautiful reefs, shallow to deep, with coral, shells, large fish, turtles, lobsters, black coral, and fascinating topography resulting from lava flows.

Lanai lies Cathedral Reef, 30 to 100ft deep, with colorful coral, shells and big fish such as the 50lb ulua (Crevalle Jack) and lobsters. Molokai’s east and west ends are considered by some divers to be unmatched anywhere in the world.

The diving in Kauai is very similar to what you might experience in Maui. On any given day in the summer, you can get great visibility and have access of up to 26 dive sites, many from shore. However, in winter, the seas on the north side of the island are very rough, and those sites are not divable, limiting your choices to only a few on the south (Poipu) side of the island.

Best Diving Destinations in Hawaii

The best diving in Hawaii is found on the Kona Coast of the big Island.

When to Visit Hawaii

Weather on all of the Hawaiian Islands is very consistent, with only moderate changes in temperature throughout the year. This is possible due to the year-round warm sea surface temperatures, which keeps the overlying atmosphere warm as well. In practical terms there are only 2 seasons here: the summer months (called Kau in Hawaiian) that extend from May to October and the winter months (Ho’oilo) that run from November to April. The average day-time summer temperature at sea level is 85°F (29.4°C) while the average day-time winter temperature is 78°F (25.6°C). Night-time temperatures are approximately 10°F lower.

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Gosia August 09, 2017


I’m coming to Maui this Saturday and I’m planning to stay on the island for at least a few days. A friend of mine enthusiastically recommended your company and I wanted to go diving with you but cannot open the ‘packages’ link on your website. Could I ask you for some information? I have advanced PADI licence as well as the nitrox one.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



Eric August 16, 2017

I will be staying in Napili Oct 6 – 10. Am interested in a Kapalua shore dive. Consider myself still a beginner with about 15 dives under my belt. last dove in Kauai in May. Do you have openings and what is the cost. Would need a BCD, regulator, tank, weights.


Tory August 18, 2017

My fiancé and I are coming to Maui in November and are interested in completing our open water certification during our time there. If we complete the PADI online e-course, would we be able to complete the other portions? Thank you!


Martina August 30, 2017

Hi My name is Martina, Me and my boyfriend who will be my husband for the time we are going to be there would like to take the padi certificate. We have done various 1st time diving (6 times) and we think is time to have our certificate. We will be in December for 4 days at big island staying at Captain cook and I would like to know if the time is enough and book for this service.


Michelle September 07, 2017

What SCUBA dives would you recommend for an Advanced Diver in December? I’ll be there over Christmas and looking to do 1-2 days of diving. Thank you!


Joyce September 10, 2017

Will you take someone in a wheelchair snorkeling. I can’t walk but can swim and will be in Kauai in November.


shaun September 30, 2017

Please send info about scuba tour


Michelle October 02, 2017

cost of 2 tank dive including BCD & REG
I’m PADI open water
Oct 27 am


Brian October 07, 2017

Just finished my NAUI certification and wanted to look into doing the advanced open water certification from NAUI. I will be in Kauai for a conference in February 2018 and was wondering if you offer the dives for the NAUI advanced open water certification through your facility. If so, how do i go about setting this up. Also,does this include the e-learning portion of the training. Thanks in advance.


Dyana October 15, 2017

Any activities with this wind?


Jamie November 07, 2017

HeyI need to do my open water certification dives in December. I have done everything up until the open water. how much would that be?


Martin November 09, 2017

Can I register myself and wife for the kayak/snorkel tomorrow morning? Are these still daily at 7am for $80?


Ashley November 13, 2017

Do you still offer kayak and scuba trips in Maui?


Prasad November 18, 2017

I am looking for reservations for snuba / snorkeling on next week Thursday, 23rd.


Wade January 04, 2018

I am interested in a 4 person beach dive at Kapalua Beach on either Sunday 1/14 or Monday 1/15. 4 Divers that are certified one of which will be a Jr Diver. How soon do we need to make reservations?




Jessica January 05, 2018

Hi! We will be in Kona from Jan 12-15 and were interested in night snorkeling. Will you have boats going out any of those days?


Ryan January 22, 2018

I have several questions if you could give me a call at your earliest convenience.


Steve February 15, 2018

I would like to book dives for Monday February 19 and Thursday February 22 for Honolua Bay and Cliff House.

I am staying at Ritz Carlton Kapalua starting Sunday February 18

thank you


Lucas February 22, 2018

Hi there,

I’m coming to Kawaii next week and looking to book one or two scubadiving experiences. Myself and another are padi certified but have not dove since December 2016 when we certified in Nova Scotia Canada in open water. Can you advise if you have any sort of tour 2 adults can tag along with or if you require any sort of recertification first?


Amy March 28, 2018

We are in Kauai next week. Our teens dive and we are looking to snorkel. Do you do any combo trips?


Justin July 15, 2018

I’ll be on Kauai from July 22- 27, interested in doing a guided dive at tunnels. I’m certified. Please inform on availability and price. I will need to rent all my gear


jj July 21, 2018

hi. do i need to make a reservation for an intro dive? we are 4 people, 2 adults and 2 teens. thanks


Zach July 23, 2018


I’m coming to Maui next month for about a week and we’re looking at staying at either the Ritz or the Hotel Wailea. I’m hoping to get in maybe 3 days of diving while I’m in Hawaii. Which trips do you have scheduled from August 18-23? Do you do pickups from either of those hotels?




Ben July 23, 2018

Looking to learn more about your dives. Will be in Kauai next week. Myself and 3 kids (16,13,11), all certified.


Pauliina July 31, 2018

Hi! I’m looking to get PADI Open Water Certified. Due to my limited vacation time, I’m planning to do my bookwork and confined water in Kauai, and then continue with your Referral the actual dives at Hawaii later the following week.

Do you offer this choice for me and how much would it cost? I know PADI takes $185 for the e-materials, and I probably need your link to PADI (so that it’s attached to your dive shop) before I buy the material.

Ideally I would do this on Sunday August 5 or Monday August 6. Please let me know! I can start learning the online materials after I get confirmation.




Stan August 08, 2018

I will be visiting the island in a month. I would like to scuba dive and am not certified. I have dived countless times before however. I have no problem going on the beginner’s dive if that is my only option but want to make sure the dive is worthwhile. Where does the beginner dive go and what will we be seeing on it?


Mike August 10, 2018

I would like to arrange a dive or two with your company. Would prefer to go to a place with few to no crowds. Can you recommend a date/time/place? I will be in Kapalua from 8/29 through 9/4. (Not sure if Kevin McAfee is still with you, but he taught me how to dive about a million years ago in Malibu!)


David August 15, 2018

Do you dive The Cathedral off Lanai (I think!!). Staying at Napili Kai week of 22-29 August.


Nura August 22, 2018

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do the P.A.D.I e-course and then get certified with you? Do we need to do the freshwater/pool dives before we get there? Any info that can point me in the right direction would help. Thank you!


Albert August 22, 2018

We are spending our 10th Anniversary at the Ritz from Sept 28 through Oct 2. Interested in diving one of those days at Honolua Bay.


Pablo September 10, 2018


Im interested in doing 3 or 4 tanks to complete my Master Scuba Diver cert next 11/29.
My wife would like to dive just 2 tanks.
we both need BCD, wetsuits and regs.


Michelle September 17, 2018

I am coming there in several weeks and have a few questions about diving there. We are staying at Poipu and wondered if there is a lot of shore diving around. If so, can we rent tanks from you. If we wanted to look at diving with you, do you have any packages or recommendations as to how many times and what locations would be good. Thank you


Jay October 13, 2018

I will be in Kauai from December 23-December 27th, what dives are available on the island? May I please have pricing and details, thanks!!


Brian October 20, 2018

We have 6 adults and 2 kids age 13 and 15 interested in beginner scuba from Kapalua on Monday Nov. 19. Can you accommodate in the morning?


Branan October 24, 2018


I live in Koloa & am a certified Master Diver through SSI.

I am interested in part time work & would love to help out around the store & boat on dives if needed.

Feel free to email me or you can call me at 901-238-8060.

Let me know if you are looking for any help! Thanks!


james October 25, 2018

Hi, we are looking to find a dive partner for our holiday starting this Sat.

We both have open water padi, I have 50+ dives, my wife 10. Neither of us have dived for 2.5 years so we need a refresher.

Could you let me know prices for a refresher for us both, if you have any available Saturday and prices for future diving.



Kevin Lockman November 19, 2018

Looking for a dive on either December 18th or 19th. Single person, two take dive preferred. I’m advanced certified if that helps!


Lizao December 02, 2018

Hi, my wife and I will be staying at Ritz-Carleton in Kapalua between Dec 20-25. We are very interested in the diving trips listed on your website. Both of us have the scuba certification but might need a refresher. I am wondering if you have some diving trips during that time? Thanks~


James December 03, 2018

My wife and I are going to be staying in the Suite Paradise Condos near your facility from Dec 27th through Jan 2nd. We are both open water certified divers and have our own equipment. We would like to know what dives you offer during this time period. We also would like to know if you rent just tanks so that we could do some shore diving. Thank you.


Colleen December 13, 2018

Hi I’m a advanced OW certified diver. What kind of boat dives do you guys have?


Michael December 19, 2018


I wanted to ask: do you rent seascooters for snorkeling? I used one when I was in Maui and it was great, and so I’m looking for a way to rent two sets of masks, snorkels, and seascooters in Kauai. Thanks!


Homan January 11, 2019

I am looking at diving Feb 6 and/or 7. I have my open water certification. What do you have available on those days? I have mask, snorkel, fins, dive computer but need rest of equipment


Mike January 31, 2019

My wife is taking lessons for her Open Water certificate this weekend, and we will be on Maui from Feb 28-Mar 5. She would like to complete her open water dives to complete her training there on Maui. What do we need to do to get reservations for this? Is it the right season for Kapalua, or is Kehei/Wailua better now?


Ryan February 25, 2019

Hey team,

My name is Ryan and I am reaching out in search of employment opportunities with your company. I will be graduating from college this May with a degree in travel and tourism and am hoping to continue working in the scuba industry. I have worked on parasail and dive boats for the past few years back home in Myrtle Beach SC. I have also attached a resume with more information. Please let me know if I could be an asset to your company.



Mike March 01, 2019

I plan on being on the island at Poipu Shores condo’s March 31-April 4 coing from Portlad, Oregon. and looking for a dive shop to dive some. I would have all my gear needing 100 tank (DIN) and weights. I am AOW and Nitrox certified. Do you have 2 tank dives tours? Beach or boat dives. What thickness for a shorty wetsuit is advised?


Chrissy March 06, 2019

My husband and I are in Kauai on the North Shore, and would love to learn more about your snorkeling.


Shelly March 25, 2019

Reservationso for snorkeling at 10:30 on tomorrow. March 5th for 3.


Feliciajo April 06, 2019

Good morning,

I am looking to complete my open water certification in Kona while I am out there. Would you happen to have availability between April 12- April 14?


Jason May 09, 2019

Are you available to accommodate a group of 10 in July?


Wolfgang May 13, 2019

I’m staying at the Sheraton and my morning dive was cancelled because of the swell.
How are condition at Kapalua?
Do you have a spot on your 10:30 beach dive today?
Thank you,


Erika May 18, 2019

Hi! We are PADI certified and will be visiting Maui 7/7 – 7/14. We would love to reserve a dive. My coworker Michael Gordon told me to dive with Kevin McAfee his friend. Trying to figure out if this is the right place! Would love more info as your site doesn’t allow me to click on the pricing and reservation tabs. Thank you so much!!


Tom May 20, 2019

I’m looking to do a 2-tank boat dive off of the south coast of Kauai, June 3. I need all equipment except a mask. Do you offer boat dives?

If so, what time this day? How much?
If not, recommendations are appreciated.
Want to go offshore away from shore divers if possible.


Ryan May 20, 2019

Seeing if you had openings for kayak tour tomorrow AM.


Ryan June 06, 2019

Hello –

Looking to potentially schedule a beach dive on Monday 6/17. I assume the dive schedule and price listed on the website is for a one tank dive. Are two tank options available?



Amy July 07, 2019

Hello, I’m on the island for a few days & trying to see if you sell shirts. Looking for men’s XL Kapalua Dive Company shirt for my husband who worked for Kevin & Kapalua Dive Company about 25 years ago.


Katrina July 22, 2019

Hi there,

We have a group of three people and we are staying on Kauai from August 4-9. We are all certified open water divers, however it has been 2-3 years since our last dives. Is there a specific dive/location you would recommend that would be more relaxed, to help us refresh our memories? Please let us know your availability during our stay.

Thank you!



Heidi August 15, 2019

I will be traveling with my parents and children to Kauai during Christmas. My father, in otherwise good health, has Parkinson’s which makes walking difficult. We were able to assist him in shore dives a couple years back, but that is no longer an option.
Ideally, a dive boat with a lifting platform is what I’m looking for but not even sure this is available? I’m wondering if this is something that you have, are familiar with, or have any guidance regarding locally available resources?
Thank you for any information you might have!
Warm regards,


David August 17, 2019

Hi there!

My friends and I will be vacationing in Kauai from September 7-11 and would love to book some activities with you guys, unfortunately we are a very diverse group.

We are:
1 snorkeler
1 new diver (looking to complete OW)
1 AOW ~350 dives (bringing my own equipment)

The new diver in our group is looking to complete confined/theory in the next two weeks so that he can finish up the referral with his open water dives in Kauai. We’re looking to find a shop that can do the 4 OW referral dives in one day – either SSI or PADI. Is that something you guys can do? If so, do you have some availability and how much would the course be?

Do you do trips that can accommodate a snorkeler ride-along?

Please let me know and if you have any suggestions, please feel free!

Thank you,


Jingxuan August 18, 2019

Would like to book snorkeling tour on Sep.1


Derek August 23, 2019

Hello my wife and I will be visiting for next week we are looking to do 3, 2 tank dives and a night dive both certified around 25 dives and will need to rent gear. Can you get me a pricing.


Katherine September 19, 2019

I will be attending a meeting the first week of October, and I would like to be able to dive while in Maui. What programs would you have on offer on 10/4 in the morning. I am a certified diver with just over 100 dives. Thank you.


Donna September 25, 2019

WE will be in Poi pu from 12/26-1/2
There are 2 or 3 teens with us who would like to take a diving certification course.

Please tell me what you have and would recommend for beginner divers wanting to get certified.
Thank you!


Elizabeth September 27, 2019


I was interested in your open water diving certification course for two people who have never been scuba diving before.

I was wondering how long the course takes – 3-5 days, but how long would each day be?

We’ll be in the area Oct. 1-7, let me know the details of the course and if there’s anything available in that time frame.



Sarah October 02, 2019

Hello, I am not sure if you realize that a lot of your pages are blank. I tried from multiple browsers and multiple computers. For example, I wanted to know about your weekly scuba rentals, but when i click on it,the page is blank


Doug October 06, 2019

Looking for options to snorkel when we visit next month with young kids (6 & 4)


Cennet October 30, 2019

Hi Team,
my name is Cennet (Janet) and I’m interested in scuba diving. I have a SSI certified licence (OWD). I’m working on a cruise ship and we arrive on the 5th Nov. in Nawiliwili at the harbor at around 7 am and stay until 5 pm. So I am free between 8 am and 4 pm on that day.

Can you give me more information about the scuba dive options that you have that are possible to do for me.

Thanks in advance,
kind regards,


chad November 02, 2019

I would like to go diving on Nov 13th I have my advance open water, what are your rates? what do you leave in the morning how far in advance do you have to book? looking forward to hearing from you.


Jared November 05, 2019

Hello –

On the Hawaii Island for the week. Was hoping to dive several times.

I am advanced open water, have about 50 dive throughout my life.

What availability do you have?



lance November 14, 2019

Good Morning,
I’ll be in Poipu in a few weeks: December 2nd thru December 8th (arriving the evening of the 2nd, and flying out the evening of December 8th). I would like to train to get my open water certification while I’m there.

Ideally, I would like to do my e-learning portion of the training before I arrive and do both the required confined and open water dives in a total of 2 days. Right now, my schedule is flexible, but I’d like to lock in dates.

Would you have an opening in your schedule? What dates are available?
What would be the cost for the training be?
Does this cost include equipment? if not could you estimate equipment cost?
Can I do the e-learning before I arrive? If so, would I register through you, or PADI, and is there an additional cost for this?

Thanks for your assistance –


John November 21, 2019

what is the cost to rent equipment? we need BCD,Wet suit and fins.


Russ December 17, 2019

Hello, I’m headed to Kauai Dec 28th for a week and interested in some diving, with smaller advanced groups if possible.
I am a retired Canadian and seasoned diver with 600+ dives, PADI Rescue certification as well as Nitrox, bringing all my own gear including computer. Last dive inin January 2019 inin Madagascar. I travel dive every winter.
What can you offer? Expect to be busy at that time? What are the sea conditions generally in January?
Thanks for your time, Russ


brian December 18, 2019

i have dived in 10 years i have my padi card, do you have a refresher course. and i don’t have any equipment and if you do how much is it? thank you


Aaron January 28, 2020

My family and I will be traveling to the Lihue, Kauai in March of 2020 for a week of vacation. I have an 11 year old son who is taking the NAUI Dive certification course here in Iowa. He’ll have all of his book and pool work done after the 7 week course. Do you accept Universal referals for NAUI and so he can complete his open water certs?

Also would be looking for Dive recommendations while there. I’m PADI Advance so looking for 2-4 good dive recommendations.

Thanks for your help.



Allissa April 29, 2020


I’m planning a future trip to the island and am interested in both a 2-tank boat dive at local spots like Sheraton Caverns/Turtle Bluffs and 3-tank Niihau dive. Do you offer Niihau dive trip? What would pricing be for combo? Thanks!


allissa May 05, 2020


I am interested in booking a 2-tank boat dive in Kaua’i.

Also do you offer dive trip for Niihau?


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