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Derawan Islands are located in the District of Derawan, Berau, East Kalimantan – Indonesia. There are some large islands around Derawan Islands such as Maratua Island, Sangalaki Island, and Kakaban Island. Those islands have beautiful beaches and stunning underwater world.

One of the popular islands is Kakaban Island. The access to Kakaban Island is very easy and simple. You can use the speed boat which could be found in Derawan Island. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. There are various supporting facilities such as boat tours and rental place for snorkeling tool, dive gear, watersport like banana boating and canoeing, or you can ask the help of a tour guide. Diving in Kakaban Island is the most interesting activity. You can be guided by professional divers to do the expedition underwater world on the Kakaban Island. Diving in Kakaban Island is very fascinating, because there are several dive points around the Kakaban Island such as Barracuda Point, Rainbow Run, The Drift, Cabbage Patch, The Wall, Diver’s Delight, Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, and The North Face.

There is a famous marine park with diving trips with a depth of the sea is about 5 meters. There are also a great many of sea biota such as cuttlefish, lobster, fish ghostpipe, bluering Octopus, nudibranchs, seahorses, ribbon Eels and scorpionfishes. There are coral reefs with Blue Trigger Wall at a sea depth of about 10 meters. The length of corals is around 18 meters and there are plenty of red-toothed trigger Fishes. You can enjoy the beauty of marine parks in natural and clean water and also relish the outer side of the Kakaban Island.

Kakaban Island magnetizes foreign tourists with some peculiarities and one of the great attractions is the Kakaban Lake. It is a mangrove-fringed lake In the middle of the island. It is slightly above sea level where thousands of non-stinging jellyfish live. It’s very interesting for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. This lake is laid in the center of Kakaban Island which is fairly rare in the world. Kakaban Lake contains a mixture of rain water and sea water seepage from the pores of the soil. It forms a distinct habitat endemic to the area which is the most unique lake among the other lakes in the world. Kakaban Lake has a variety of jellyfish in the world. Kakaban Lake has four types of jellyfish. They do not sting; one of them is a type of jellyfish Cassiopea which only can be found in two locations in the world. There are four unique species of jellyfish such as moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), box jellyfish (Tripedalia cystophora), jellyfish spotted jellyfish (Mastigias papua), and jellyfish inverted (Cassiopea ornata). The lake has warm and briny water. At the bottom of the lake, it is covered with marine green algae. There are other animals living in Kakaban Lake such as orange purple clams and yellow clams on the branches, some sea cucumbers, gobies, crustaceans, sea anemones, tunicates, nudibranchs, and snakes.

You can enjoy some of great attractions that offered there. It is not only diving in Kakaban Island but also swimming and snorkeling in its beautiful lake that you can adore.

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