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Being a remote area of Borneo, this place is a relative secret for many divers. The lush island of Kakaban has been raised by natural forces making its lake to become land-locked. The Jellyfish Lake is seaming with a vast array of species of animals and plants that have adapted to its brackish water. This includes four different stingless jellyfish and other invertebrates. A fifty meter ridge surrounds the 5 sq km lake with a lot of diving spectacle such as barracudas, reef sharks, jacks and hammerheads.

Manta rays are often seen in the famous waters of Sangalaki because of the cleaning stations surrounding the island. Twenty-meter deep reefs which gently slope down making a very good place to see all sizes of marine organisms. The spots just off Maratua offer fine opportunities to meet large sharks such as hammerheads and leopard sharks. As a whole, this place deserves its title ‘Big Fish Country’.

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