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Kilifi offers a relaxing base and some interesting diving. The deep Kilifi creek reaches inland for a distannce of 15km and separate Kilifi from Mnarani to the South. The is popular for watersports enthusiasts nd windsurfing, sailing, power-boat, water-skiing and diving facilities ar all available.

The ultimate dive experience near Kilifi has to be the Vuma Caves site and any experienced diver in the vicinity should try to make it out here.

Bofa Reef

The reef has many types of unspoilt corals and several overhangs. The biggest attraction though is the chance to see whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays along with the bountiful array of smaller tropical fish.

Maximum depth: 25m
Average visibility: 15m
Access: 15 min boat trip from Kilifi Creek.
Average depth: 15-25m

Barracuda Reef

This is a popular site due to the large fish which emerge from the deeper waters, especially the large shoals of barracuda.

Average depth : 20m
Maximum depth : 30m
Average visibility : 15-20m

Southern Reef

This site is more suited to experienced divers due to the waves and current. The reef falls down beyond 40m and has excellent soft corals at the top and hard corals lower down. Due to the large quantities of fish found here, game fish are often seen hunting and manta rays can also be seen.

Average depth: 5-15m
Maximum depth: 40m
Average visibility : 15m

Vuma Caves

A huge variety of fish are found at these exhilarating caves and blowholes. Turtles, grouper and wrasse often lie in the caves and reef sharks, dolphins and wahoo also frequent the area. The site has maximum depth of 22 m and great visibility making it a photographer’s paradise.

Access : 45 min boat trip from Kilifi Creek
Average depth : 5-20m
Maximum depth : 22m
Average visibility : 10-30m

Kilifi Creek

Protected area, highly recommended night dive opportunity than day dive in which to view numbers of invertebrates and presence spanish dancer. Several coral outcrops on the sandy botom-soft corals and hard corals.

Accsses: by local boat or shore through granted permission.
Maximum depth: 20m

Dive Sites Reviews in Kilifi

Amazing reef at Kisiti Atoll in the Shimoni National Marine Park.

A must for any serious diver. Huge amount of marine life at the entrance of the cave.

Amazing dive site when conditions are perfect.

Strong current brings large pelagics.

Spectacular reef with a concentration of pelagics, reef fishes and colorful corals.

Scenic unspoilt reef with stunning blue soft coral.

The top of the reef lies at a shallow 3m (10ft) on the island side and inclines down to the ...

Large population of pelagic game fish.

Liveaboard Reviews in Kilifi

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