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The diving is year round in Samae San with the best conditions being between November and May.

Dive Sites

Submarine Rock

  • 5-20m
  • Can be strong current
  • Submerged rocky ridge with soft and hard corals such as gorgonians,¬†barrel sponges and seafans.
  • Reef fishes, rays and sea turtles.

Petchburi Bremen Wreck

  • 10-25m
  • Can be strong current
  • Steel freighter wreck which sunk in the 1930’s partly covered with corals.
  • Schools of batfish, moray eels, barracudas and stingrays.

Hardeep Wreck

  • 10-30m
  • Current can rage
  • WWII Wreck dive site of an Indonesian freighter.
  • Marine life bio-diversity includes butterflyfish, wrasse, stingrays, barracudas and also crabs and nudibranchs.

Koh Nok

  • 10-25m
  • Often strong current
  • Leather and black corals along with barrel sponges and gorgonian seafans.
  • Reef fish inhabitants include angelfish, batfish, parrotfish, singrays and tunas.

Koh Chan

  • 5-25m
  • Often strong current
  • Swimthroughs in between huge boulders.
  • Hard corals and barrel sponges.
  • Small invertebrates and nudis.

Pak I Wreck

  • 20-40m+
  • Can be strong current
  • A good technical dive dite. Formerly known as the Vertical Wreck. After breaking shipping lanes it was sunk again in 2002.

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