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If you are into an adventurous trip for your holiday, then Labuan Bajo is a great choice for you. Once a small unknown fishing village, Labuan Bajo in Flores is now a busy bustling epicenter of tourism. It is because Labuan Bajo is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home to the famous Komodo dragons. Labuan Bajo is full of natural phenomenon such as volcanic lakes, waterfalls, limestone caves, a famous ‘snake cave’, hiking and trekking sites and of course, astonishing diving sites. Diving in Labuan Bajo can either be done as a day trip or with an overnight stay on board if you want to go more into the Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo is also known as the most convenient point to go snorkeling within the park which offers many opportunities to see pristine reefs with some of the greatest fish and coral diversity in the world.

Labuan Bajo is accessible by air, land, and sea. Labuan Bajo is a favorable location on the Island of Flores and entry port to the Komodo islands which makes it a potential growing destination, aside to its rich agricultural potentials. Flying to Labuan Bajo is possible because the Komodo Airport in this area is open for operation. Transnusa Airlines are directly connecting Labuan Bajo with several cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar, Kupang, and Mataram. It also connects with some other cities such as Bajawa, Sikka, Manggarai, and Larantuka via Ende, Kupang, Maumere, Ruteng, and Tambolaka. An overland trip across the Island of Flores is possible but costly, because infrastructures and transportation here are limited. It will be more convenient if you join one of the live boards serving Komodo and Flores. However, you have tomake sure the time of visit and weather condition if you are going to Flores by sea.

Diving in Labuan Bajo is rated amongst the best in Indonesia but is also not as easy as other dive locations. It is because the currents in this area seems to be more unpredictable, so you may need to hire a guide if you are not an experienced diver. The unpredictable currents make a shifting currents and eddies but also attracts large fish in quantity. Average water temperature around this area is 27-28°C with an average visibility of 25-35 meters which make this spot a great pleasure for divers. The marine life here is similar to that found in most other diving sites in Indonesia, with rich and colorful combinations of hard and soft corals. Here, you will be delighted by the ever present schools of Anthias, Wrasses, majestic Angelfishes, and larger predators such as Reef Sharks and giant Trevallies. You can also dive around the Komodo National Park which offer dozens of very pristine dive sites, with many migratory pelagics and vibrant reefs, making it one of the world’s richest marine habitats. The Park is located just offshore and easily reached by live aboard operators from Labuan Bajo, and daytrips may take two hours or more.

The harbor town Labuan Bajo is situated at the Western tip of Flores which has only recently become popular with visitors. The Komodo National Park here is world famous as the home of Komodo dragons. If you are willing to see some of Indonesia’s rich and diverse landscape both under and above water, Labuan Bajo is the right place for you to visit.

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