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Little Cayman has long been attracting divers to its 90 degree vertical walls in Bloody Bay marine park. The wall drop offs on this part of the north side of little cayman are a spectacle worth seeing. The northern side diving sites of Bloody Bay and Jackson Bay are predominately wall dives with swim throughs, caves and tunnels all adding good variety to the dive sites. The walls are filled with sponges of many colors and large pelagics can be seen regularly, including gropers, stingrays, turtles and reef sharks.

The diving terrain on the south side of the island is a spur and groove reef structure running perpendicular to the shore. This structure runs out to the top of the wall, which is deeper on the southern side than on the northern side, and does not drop off as vertically as the northern wall does. The southern side of the island has good coral structure that provides homes to many macro marine animals and the sandy bottom of the grooves provides an environment for sting rays.

While on little cayman check out Booby Pond nature reserve, a salt water lagoon which is home to the red-footed booby and the frigate bird.

Dive Sites Reviews in Little Cayman

The Gazebo is one of the best dive site of the famous Bloody Bay Wall.

Liveaboard Reviews in Little Cayman

Few dive destinations can rival the underwater diversity offered on board the Cayman Agressor live aboard.

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