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Luwuk is located in eastern part of Sulawesi and nowadays it is acting as the common route tourists’ use to when they want to visit the Togian Islands. If you wish to visit Luwuk, you can take a flight from Manado or Jakarta. Many travelers who visit Luwuk wish to enjoy the diving sites in Banggai Island. This place is like other diving sites in Sulawesi, holds underwater beauty with much to discover. There are hundreds of island in Banggai Island complex and most of them is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Other than beautiful island there is also an endangered fish species in here which is the Cardinal fish, you can consider yourself lucky if you are able to see them.

Visiting Luwuk, you should choose the right time because it might affect your diving time and the site. From June to August it is not advisable to come here except you do not have other time because it is the rainy season and the current can be pretty strong. The weather usually becomes better in March to May and also in September or October. Within these months, most of the sites are safe for you.

There are a few diving center in Luwuk with price ranging from EUR 47 per night with no dives but there is also an accommodation package that is much cheaper if you stay form more than 5 nights. This means that to discover Luwuk, one night would not be enough. One of the most visited diving centers in Luwuk is the Walea Dive Resort. Based on people testimony, this place is good and you will never get bored because they will guide you to beautiful diving sites. You can reach this place by car from Luwuk to Pagimana and continue with boat to Walea. This resort offers you with full time meals, 3 times diving each day, tour in TanjungKramat forest and transport from or to Waleabahi.

For beginner divers the House Reef site would be suitable for you. You can dive directly from the beach in front of the resort and continue following the coral wall. In this reef, you can see a lot of jack fish playing in the coral. Whether you look right or left, you can see beautiful expanse of coral just like calling you to come closer to them.

The Lampu site is for you who are brave enough to swim with shark. You can see a lot of tunas, eagle rays and mantas in here. Not only that, it is possible for you to encounter the ghost pipe fish, sea horses and various nudibranches in this site. This site is also beautiful to see from above if you choose not to dive but snorkeling instead.

That is all about Luwuk, make sure you visit this place when you come to Sulawesi. If you are planning about diving routes in Sulawesi, this beach should be in your list. Choices of diving sites, comfortable cottage and excellent services are really hard to miss if you come to Luwuk.

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