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Isla de Malpelo is a small island about 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Colombia, and is an island on which you will probably never set foot. The island, and neighboring Gorgona, are nature preserves, and visitors must first listen to a briefing on the fragility of the islands’ environments before being allowed entry. Gorgona, in fact, was once used by Colombia as an island prison for its most hardened criminals. The only remnants are the jaguars, tigers and snakes that were sent along to keep them company.

The diving in the waters around Malpelo will knock your booties off. Recommended for advanced divers only due to the currents. Divers will swim among mantas, hammerhead sharks, free swimming morays, turtles, barracuda, Humpback whales, Whale sharks, ocean White Tip and Bull sharks.

Malpelo’s most famous critter is the Fine Spotted Moray eel. They are everywhere, free swimming or in clusters inside crevices

The island is basically a rock in the ocean, 1 mile long and 250 meters high. Due to its isolated location 200 nautical miles away from the next coastline, the visibility is usually very good and ranges between 25 and 40 meters. The currents are often strong and landing on the shores of the island is almost impossible.

Compared to Cocos the distance between the anchorage and the divespots is short. Malpelo and it’s surrounding waters are a nature reserve. But diving is not as “crowded” as in Cocos and still many sites are awaiting to be discovered. Those of you who have dived Cocos Island or the Northern Islands of the Galapagos (Darwin and Wolf), will find Malpelo another experience of the same magnitude.

Best Diving Destinations in Malpelo

Dive sites range from the Cathedral with its Fine Spotteed Moray to La gringa, the large rock on the south side of the island.

When to Visit Malpelo

Its hot and humid in Malpelo all year round with an average temperature of 28C. The best time to go would be from December through May when the skies are clear and the waters are calm. It rains a lot from May through November

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