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Marine parks around Bunaken is part of the National Park, including the island of Manado Tua, the island and the island Mantehage Siladen. In the Bunaken Marine Park you can see the beautiful beaches and amazing variety of marine life and colorful. To achieve this marine park, you can use a motor boat, a trip from Manado takes about 40 minutes. Thousands of domestic and international travelers come to Manado to dive in Bunaken. The dive sites are very beautiful and growing as much explored by local divers. Hundreds charming dive spots extend from the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken, Mantehage, Siladen, Nain, also in Manado bay itself. It continues tens of kilometers up to Bangka and Lembeh. The waters of Bunaken is clear, water visibility could be reached 45 meters in both vertical and horizontal. With a combination of natural beauty, instructors who have the capability, adequate facilities, clear water conditions, such as those in Bunaken, will provide a very enjoyable dive atmosphere.

Mantehage Island is the largest of the five. It is one of the beautiful places around Bunaken and surrounded by extensive mangrove and fringing reef. The access is about one hour from most dive resorts or it takes about 40 minutes from the city by boat. The condition of currents is strong at the time, if you do diving in Mantehage Island, you must be very careful to unpredictable current. The average depth is 20 meters and 35 meters for maximum depth. Around Mantehage Island, there are about 6 dive spots; Bango Point has the largest variety of fish species and corals. The corals include cabbage, boulde, and Acropora. There are some fishes include wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, and angelfish

Mantehage Island lies to the north of Bunaken. A wide shallow reef is exposed at low tide. The dive sites reveal around the walls to the south and west of the island. Great coral grows on the fringing soft corals, sponges, squirts and many juvenile fish. Diving in Mantehage Island must be very exciting.

The highlight site is Barracuda point; it is located on the northern shore. It exposes with strong currents which draws huge schools of barracuda that hang out in the blue ocean. The wall isn’t as spectacular as other sites in Bunaken but the big fish get the limelight here. Barracuda Point is a great site, the divers can observe the huge resident school of Chevron barracudas, eagle and mobula rays, schools of jacks, trevally, bumphead parrotfish, and any of a variety of shark species includes hammerheads and gray reef sharks. You can see many trevallies, nudibranchs, scorpionfish, sea shells, painted spiny lobsters, napolean wrasse, pyramid butterflyfish, white-spotted moray eel, gorgonian seafans, and giant pufferfish. Occasionally huge tuna appear here.

Diving in Mantehage Island will give you such a great experience. You can dive on the beautiful underwater world slopping the point where you wish for. Diving in Mantehage Island has been really challenging and attracting.

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