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Beyond the main islands of Hawaii lie a string of widely separated tiny islands and reefs called Midway Atoll. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten track destination, this might be it. This island chain is 1,100 miles long, reaching to Midway Island. The southeastern islands are rugged volcanic remnants while the northwestern portion of the chain consists of sparsely vegetated low sandy islands. More than 250,000 acres of atoll lagoons are also included in the refuge. Located about 1200 miles northwest of Honolulu, Midway Island has been closed to the public for over 50 years. This national wildlife refuge is now a popular destination offering deluxe hotel accommodations, 5-star cuisine, world-class fishing and diving. It is home to over 20 species of birds, including the world’s largest population of Layson albatross, also known as “gooney” birds. The resident population of Midway totals approximately 150. The number of guests visiting the Islands is limited to 100 at a time.

Midway Islands lies about 2,800 miles west-southwest of San Francisco, 2,200 miles east of Japan and 1,200 miles northwest of Honolulu. Midway actually consists of two main islands: the larger, populated island, officially named “Sand Island,” is approximately three square miles, or about 1,700 acres; a smaller island, populated only by wildlife, is Eastern Island. The International Date Line is 140 miles west of the reef-encircled atoll.

Best Diving Destination in Midway Atoll

Midway offers dive tours in an environment found nowhere else on earth. The fact that Midway is open for diving after more than 50 years of protected status makes this pristine location one of the most exciting and fabulous dive sites in the world. Numerous new species of fish have been found in these waters since diving opportunities were made available, and new species of seaweed have been identified and named.

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