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The Nabucco resort’s dive centre is part of the Extra Divers Worldwide group. Thus it is equipped to international standards, having Nitrox facilities, dive computers and photo equipment for rent. Located at the jetty for easy access and with local dive sites a mere 5-20 minutes away, diving was easy and pleasurable.

There are 20 dive sites around Nabucco Island and Maratua Atoll.

The dive guides are attentive, and generally your dive equipment is assembled and already on the boat waiting for you. Diving is dictated by the current and tides. Putu (our dive master) had keen eyes and a great zest for diving, which we enjoyed.

Besides the main menu (diving Maratua Atoll) there are side dishes like the jellyfish lakes, Kakaban Island and Sangalaki Island, which will make your dive holiday here perfect. Kakaban and Sangalaki can be reached in one and a half hours, in good weather conditions.

There are two jellyfish lakes in the area; one on Maratua Atoll and another on Kakaban. They are unique habitats and well worth the visit. An excursion to the Maratua jellyfish lake was combined with a visit to the nearby village Bohe Silian. It was on this visit we chanced upon an unidentified swimming sea hare at the village jetty. A rare find indeed!

Make sure to bring along a backpack and some shoes or diving bootees. The lakes are situated inland and we hiked about 20 minutes to get to them. Though the hike is short it is through muddy mangroves (Maratua) and rickety stairs (Kakaban). The backpack was vital as it kept our hands free to hold onto roots etc.

The Lake on Maratua Atoll is much smaller and so gives the impression of having more jellyfish. There are four different types of jellyfish here, with the upside down jellyfish and moon jellyfish being dominant. Snorkelling among these non-stinging jellyfish was a sensory experience: hard to put into words! Beautiful bright green alga laced the lakes’ edges. Besides jellyfish, we spotted numerous gobies, crabs, shrimps, bristle stars and starfish in the lake.

The resort arranges excursions to Sangalaki and Kakaban Island twice a week. Sangalaki Island is famous for its mantas which are present throughout the year. Snorkelling with them is quite magical.

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