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Located in Manado Bay with an area of 8.08 km², the National Marine Park of Bunaken – Manado Tua is a popular location for marine tourism. By diving in Bunaken National Marine Park, which consists of large islands around Bunaken, visitors can see an amazing variety of colorful marine life. These wonderful marine vistas can be seen in various parts scattered around Bunaken National Marine Park, such as the one in Nain Island.

Nain Island is a part from the five islands in the region that formed the Bunaken National Marine Park, others being Bunaken Island, Siladen, Manado Tua and Mantehage. Nain Island has a land area of 166.00 ha or about 4.98 Km2, and it can be reached from the city of Manado by motor boats in 90 minutes ride. There is only one village on the island, the village of Nain. However, local population settlements are spread along the coast of the island of Nain. There are three main settlements in Nain Island, the village of Nain, Tampi, and Tarente. The island of Nain holds a huge potential of tourism attraction. The uniqueness of this island is that there is large scale seaweed farming around the waters of Nain. To the east of the island there is a small island called Nain Kecil Island that is surrounded by white sands on one side and large black rocks scattered on the other side. Being a part of Bunaken Marine Park, diving in Nain Island is something not to be missed. There two dive sites in Nain Island that is worth diving, namely Jalan Masuk and Batu Kapal.

The dive site Jalan Masuk, which means “Way In” in English, is characterized by being surrounded by a lagoon full of reef barriers and isolated by circulars reefs. This site is a canyon that serves as habitat for some marine lives. This reef, which might be the largest reef in the marine park, offers many different species of hard coral with myriads of smaller colorful reef fish such as Butterfly, Cardinal, Angel, Grouper, Batfish, and Wrasse. It is also saluted by the occasional pelagic ray, White Tip Reef Shark or turtle on a rare occasion. The more usual neighbors include sponges, feather stars, star fish, octopus, sea cucumbers and many nudibranchs. With maximum depth of 20-30 meters, the highest water temperature reaching 29°C and good visibility of up to 20 meters, Jalan Masuk gives you a panoramic wide-angle adventure with the gentle current taking you for a relaxing underwater ride.

Batu Kapal or Ship’s Rock dive site got its name from its large central pinnacle that breaks the Banda Sea’s surface and looked like a ship. The main pinnacle is quite large and slopes down to 22 meters and on its west and northern sides there are walls. The main features that make this site such a favorite are its interesting topography, enormous gorgonian fans and barrel sponges, and it is one of the best big fish hunting dive site in the north of Sulawesi. Trevallies, Snapper, Fusiliers, Sweetlips, Tuna, Butterfly, Cardinal, Angel, Grouper, and Damselfish are only a small part of the abundant fish living there. It has a maximum depth of 40 meters, water temperature between 25 -29°C and visibility up to 25 meters. When the Banda Sea current is running, Batu Kapal acts like magnet and pulls in the big pelagic so you will definitely want to make more than 1 dive here.

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