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Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku that is built on a hillside overlooking the bay, has a number of beautiful places to visit. One of the most favorite spots for tourists is the beautiful Namalatu Beach. Namalatu Beach is located in Latuhalat on the southeastern most part of the Leitimor Peninsula, in the direction of the Banda Sea. The name of this beach was taken from the words Nama which means Name and Latu which means King. Namalatu Beach has become a popular destination for tourists around the world who are looking to go diving, snorkeling, swimming and simply having fun under the sun. The scenery of Namalatu Beach is very attractive. It has clear waters, white sands and is lined with various trees. Namalatu Beach is the central area of diving in Ambon. Additional facilities that you can find here are shelter, open air stage for dance and music performances, fresh young coconut peddlers and also “rujak”, mixed fruit salad with peanut sauce.

To get to Namalatu Beach, you have to take a flight to Ambon first. Ambon is easily reachable by plane as you can start your flight either from Denpasar, Bali or Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. The airport in the city of Ambon is the Pattimura Airport, which serves several airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air, Air Asia, and Sriwijaya Air. Namalatu Beach is located in the village of Latulahat, around 15 km away from the city of Ambon. To get to Namalatu Beach from Ambon, you can simply take the bus going to Latuhalat. This bus will stop directly at the beach. There is a diving center in the area, which will accommodate your days of diving in Namalatu Beach.

Namalatu Beach is an attractive place for everyone who visits it. The water is crystal clear and the pounding of the waves are so challenging. You will not be able to wait to try out sport diving there. The clear green sea will make you as if telescoped into the ocean floor, so you can see its beauty with your bare eyes. The average depth of water of this area is around 20 meters with the maximum depth of 25 meters. With a minimum of 24° C and maximum of 30° C water temperatures, this is a great place for diving. The ocean floor of this area is commonly composed of coral reefs, vegetations and rocks. The corals are very healthy and beautiful. You can also greet some of the marine lives here, such as Jack, Trevallies, Snappers, Fussiliers, Barracudas, Sweetlips, Butterflies, Cardinals, Angels, Groupers, Damselfish, Anthias, Parrots, Surgeons, Triggers, Puffers, Flounders, Gobies, Moray eels, and Scorpions. If you are into night diving, you have to witness Schooling of Jack-Snapper-Fusiliers-Barracuda and blue spotted stingray, which are very beautiful to see at night.

Namalatu beach is a quiet and comfortable area coupled with the palm tree lined around the sea, a place which will make you enjoy your stay there all day. Clear green water combined with beautiful corals and marine lives makes diving in Namalatu Beach an attractive tourism activity of anyone’s eyes.

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