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Diving in the Netherlands is done in rivers, lakes, the many oceans surrounding this tiny country and even in the canals. You’ll find water in all forms everywhere in this country as it is situated below sea level and it rains a lot here.

The water is pretty cold and the visibility is never the greatest year-round but there is lots to see (if you look up close) and the Dutch will find a reason to dive in any kind of water it seems.

Best Diving Destinations in Netherlands

Popular dive sites are in Zeeland, a province in the Southwest of the Netherlands. Or the Vinkeveense plassen, a cluster of lakes in the middle of the country. There is also the Wadden Sea where you can find a sea lion rescue center as well.

When to Visit Netherlands

Remember that it gets cold in winter in Northern Europe. Our recommendation would be to go between May-October when the water is slightly warmer. But with a 7mm or a dry-suit any water is bearable.

Dive Sites Reviews in Netherlands

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Liveaboard Reviews in Netherlands

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