Easily one of the top sites for underwater photographers, Anilao boasts pristine reefs and amazing diversity when it comes to critters. There are also larger fish to be seen in their masses and interesting-looking nudibranchs to observe.

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Koh Lanta is very popular with divers opting for underwater adventures in the southern region of the Andaman Sea. With crystal clear waters and unbelievable marine diversity, Koh Lanta is a superb location. The island is also great for beach-goers and those looking for complete relaxation.

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Aside from being hugely popular with tourists from all over the world, Phuket is very convenient for scuba divers wishing to hop aboard a liveaboard and explore the fantastic sites surrounding the Similan Islands. These dive sites are some of the most popular in Thailand and many come to Phuket just to explore the diving at the Similan Islands.

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The hugely popular dive sites at Phi Phi Islands are certainly something to write home about, with an array of underwater plant life adding an extra special element to the sites. With large sea fans, sea whips, soft corals and even black coral species, divers can enjoy swimming through the rocky underwater landscape complete with caves, walls and overhangs.

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Khao Lak is home to some of the most fascinating dive sites Thailand has to offer. Not only does the area boast plenty of colourful marine species, but manta rays and leopard sharks can often be seen, adding to the excitement.

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The Surin Islands boast numerous dive sites that could take up an entire day or two of non-stop, fantastic diving. Richelieu Rock is one site in particular that is not to be missed, especially for whale shark sightings!

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The Similan Islands are what Thailand diving is all about. Offering the greatest variety of sites including coral reefs, rocky outcrops and more, the sites boast regular sightings of lion fish, moray eels and scorpion fish. Colourful reef fish such as angel fish, trigger fish and butterfly fish contribute to the fantastic underwater scene.

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For those wishing to learn how to scuba dive, or progress their scuba qualifications, Koh Tao is a top pick for many visitors. Not only are there loads of dive centers to choose from, but it is one of the cheapest places in South East Asia for receiving dive qualifications.

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The Perenthians Islands are home to many dive sites that boast an abundance of wonderful species including the rare and protected hawksbill and green turtles. Other notable sightings include the colourful bumphead parrotfish and black tip reef sharks.

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Impressive sights abound at Langkawi Island, known for its interesting underwater rock formations and magnificent reefs teaming with marine life. No matter your diving qualification, there is something for everyone. Many divers choose to access these great sites from the highly acclaimed Pulau Payar Marine Park.

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Take a boat trip to the island of Tioman and you won’t be disappointed! With a variety of dive sites scattered around the island, some up to a 2 hour boat ride away, the sites offer something for every diver’s preference. You could opt for interesting macro life, swim-through opportunities or even shark and turtle sightings at a number of the sites.

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Lankayan Island boasts an array of magnificent colours with many soft and hard coral species as well as numerous juvenile reef fish adding to the fantastic underwater display. As it is a nesting site for hawksbill and green turtles, these wonderful creatures can quite often be seen gracefully gliding around the dive sites surrounding the island.

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Scuba Diving in Layang Layang

Layang-Layang boasts an abundance of wonderful marine life including manta rays, hawksbill turtles, barracuda and tuna, however the main attraction during April and May is definitely the pairs of odd-looking hammerhead sharks who come to the area to mate. Layang-Layang is also known for its magnificent coral walls descending into the depths below, some extending as far down as 2000 metres!

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Mataking Underwater Post Office

Aside from the magnificent clear waters and interesting underwater plant life, Mataking Island is home to an impressive range of large pelagic species. Strong currents surrounding this island near Sipadan brings great sightings of hammerhead sharks, manta rays, grey reef sharks and eagle rays.

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Diving in Kapalai

Highly ranked as one of the world’s best macro diving locations, Kapalai in Malaysia is not to be missed. This sandbar lies beneath a luxurious diving resort that stretches out over clear, turquoise waters, making it a scuba diver’s paradise and well worth a visit.

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Scuba Diving in Mabul

An abundance of interesting macro life can be found lurking in Mabul, and for this reason it is known as one of the world’s top muck diving sites by muck diving enthusiasts all over the globe. You’ll see every critter imaginable at this fantastic macro dive site, making Mabul an undeniable addition to the diving bucket list.

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There’s just no telling what amazing creatures you’ll find in the dive sites surrounding Wakatobi National Park – new species are discovered on a fairly regular basis! With 4 beautiful islands surrounded by immaculate coral reef, both reef and wall diving in Wakatobi is considered some of the best in the world. Brightly coloured reef fish and odd-looking critters are plentiful here.

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Komodo National Park boasts the presence of the famous Komodo dragon and is easily one of the world’s top diving destinations! In the waters of this protected area, a variety of fantastic marine animals thrive in a visually stunning environment. Everything from the very big to the very small can be seen in these waters, from whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles to manta rays, Napolean wrasse and an array of interesting-looking critters.

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Magnificent diving all throughout the year can be found in the reefs surrounding the highly popular Gili Islands of Air, Meno and Trawangan in South East Asia. With a wide variety of underwater life to be seen in near-perfect diving conditions, the Gili Islands is guaranteed to be a great diving experience!

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Raja Ampat is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, an area synonymous with fantastic marine life and unmatched marine biodiversity. This group of islands, also known as the Four Kings, is absolutely fantastic for divers exploring the eastern shores of Indonesia and is gaining massive popularity with divers all over the world.

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Bunaken is home to an incredible Marine National Park that offers pristine and well-protected dive sites. With masses of underwater diversity and crystal clear, temperate waters, it is easy to see why divers from all over the world flock to this destination year after year. Home to a number of steep walls covered in soft corals and colourful sponges, moray eels, turtles and barracuda can often be seen in the warm waters of Bunaken.

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Bali is known for fantastic diving, and is also a good location to try if you’re searching for the highly sought-after mola mola. With everything from drift dives to macro dives on offer, not to mention great wreck sites such as the USS Liberty and thrilling manta ray experiences, Bali is well worth a visit for any diver.

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Lembeh Strait is probably the world’s best muck diving destination for underwater macro photographers!

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Sipadan Barracuda Tornado

Big Pelagics! Extensive marine life with lots of fishes everywhere… Big corals and turtles.

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Scuba Diving in the Maldives

The Maldives is a collection of islands that could quite easily be a diver’s utopia. With stunning scenery both above and below the water’s surface, the area boasts encounters with the ocean’s biggest fish, the whale shark and a number of memorable drift dives. The Maldives is also famous for hosting manta ray cleaning stations, where hundreds of rays gather to be cleaned by smaller fish.

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With so many destinations to choose from it is hard to decide on where to go diving next.

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Scuba Diving in Australia

Boasting the world’s largest barrier reef as well as plenty of large marine animal sightings, Australia is undoubtedly a top diving destination. The nearby Coral Sea and the many protected marine parks in the area provide the ideal setting for many types of marine creatures to thrive: sharks, potato groupers and minke whales can all be spotted in Australian waters. Divers of all experience levels can enjoy diving in Australia.

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Scuba Diving in Thailand

As a whole, Thailand is without a doubt one of the best diving destinations in South East Asia. Offering an abundance of marine life and easily accessible dive sites, diving enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice when visiting this great holiday destination.

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Scuba Diving in Red Sea

The Red Sea has long been a favourite amongst divers, and for good reason. With over 1000 fish species calling this beautiful sea their home, the area also boasts a number of famous WWII wrecks and fantastic underwater scenery.

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Scuba Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines is synonymous with brilliant scuba diving thanks to its 7000 islands lying in the centre of the world’s greatest area of marine diversity, the famous Coral Triangle. Not only are the reefs covered in magnificent coral in the Philippines, but the area is also known for great wreck diving sites.

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Scuba Diving in Malaysia

Malaysia is a top-choice amongst divers and is sure not to disappoint! The best and main areas for diving are Mabul, Sipadan and Layang Layang.

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Indonesia is a fantastic diving location that is best explored by liveaboard to make the most out of your Indonesian diving experience. World-famous dive sites such as Raja Ampat and the top-notch sites within Komodo National Park are simply not to be missed!

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