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Known to be the last ecological edge, the island of Palawan provides lush jungles, pristine beaches, hidden caves, picturesque scenery, subversive mystery and world-class diving spots. Jacques Cousteau has said that Palawan is the most stunning place he ever visited. This province, the 2nd biggest in the Philippines, is the home of unspoiled reef of coral with wide spread of marine metropolis just waiting to be discovered.

This region highlights the diving spots in Coron Island and Tubbataha Reef. The Coron Island features shipwrecks teeming with marine life and Tubbataha reef is rich with large school of marine creatures. Tubbataha reef can be reached by a short liveaboard trip from Puerto Princesa. Diving is available year round but the best time to dive is from October to May, when the ocean is in a calm state.

Palawan is an island with many mountains. The mountainous physique of the region makes a perfect place for hiking and nature exploration. Due to the history and geography of Palawan, the locals are friendly, interesting and are proficient seafarers.

Dive Sites Reviews in Palawan

This wreck dive is one of the most requested dives in the Coron Island area as it is one of ...

Irako wreck is a 147-meter wreck found within the Coron Bay area and as it provides many opportunities for some ...

Barracuda Lake offers divers the chance to undertake a very special and unique type of diving, mountain lake diving.

Okikawa Maru wreck dive is the largest of all the wreck dives in the Coron Bay area and is a ...

Skeleton Wreck is a wreck dive within the Coron Island area that is used as both a snorkelling spot and ...

Olympia Maru is a great wreck dive that allows divers to complete some deep dives. This is a deeper wreck ...

Kogyo Maru is a great wreck dive allowing divers to penetrate the wreck and go through many swim throughs to ...

Lusong Gunboat is another small wreck in the Coron area that is popular as a snorkelling and diving site. Although ...

Japanese Wreck divesite article goes here.

Liveaboard Reviews in Palawan

The Azores is the spacious and exclusive liveaboard for cruising of the waters around the Philippines. The distance between the ...

Built over 2 years in 2006 and 2007, the Dschubba liveaboard measures 20 meters in length and 5 meters in ...

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