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Located approximately 45 minutes away from Panglao beach, Pamilican is often overlooked in favour of Balicassag Island.

Pamilican has a bit of everything from beautiful coral gardens and walls in the house reef to incredible drifts along varying topography on Dakit and Snake Island. The currents bring an abundance of nutrients which sustains healthy fish populations and also provides opportunities to see large schools of Jacks and Barracudas hunting of cruising.

The site does offer occasional manta and eagle ray sightings and surrounding waters host many varieties of dolphins and whales.

Each site has something different to offer and a 3 dive boat trip is a highly recommended option to get out and see the variety and biodiversity in Pamilican but sites can be relatively challenging so would recommend for more advanced divers.

Thorny Seahorse - Hippocampus hystrix, Panglao beach, Bohol, Visayas, Philippines

Tomatoe Anemonefish – Photo Credit: Jamie Allan

Note: The locals do have large fish traps deeper down and this does have an effect on fish life but it is still relatively healthy and always a chance of encounters with bigger pelagics in the blue – Dakit is definitely worth mentioning alongside the Pamilican house reef. It is not an official sanctuary – there is an area which the locals have cordoned off as their sanctuary.

The Author: Jammie Allan is an OWSI and underwater photographer with experience in the Coral Triangle.

  • Marine Life: 3/5
  • Coral Growth: 3/5
  • Dive Season: Year round
  • Best Months: March-August
  • Latitude: 9.49085
  • Longitude: 123.93396

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