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Selayar regency is a secluded island, far away from mass tourism, lying in the Celebes Sea to the south Tanjung Bira, Sulawesi. The east coast of Selayar Island is said to have some of the most stunning beaches in Indonesia with some spectacular diving spots. Selayar Island has a lot of diving sites and they can be enjoyed by beginner or experienced divers. One of them is located in this tiny island, which is precisely located at west side of Selayar Island, for about 1 mile from Benteng subdistrict. Pasi Island is one of the best sites in the world, which is perfect for diving activities. The underwater world is filled with some sharks and beautiful coral gardens, moray eels and blue spotted stingrays.

Pasi Island is located in Selayar Island, across of Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. The provincial capital Makassar has an international airport called Sultan Hasanuddin Airport. It is well served by domestic airports from Jakarta and most of other major cities in Indonesia. You can also take an international flight from Singapore and Malaysia. From the airport, you can take either local flight to Selayar Island or public transport such as taxi, “pete-pete” or bus to reach Terminal Malengkeri. From there, you can proceed to Tanjung Bira by getting another public transport such as car or bus. The drive will take about 5 hours from Makassar downtown to reach Tanjung Bira. From Tanjung Bira, you can take a boat to reach Selayar Island, and then take another boat to reach Pasi Island.

Pasi Island has a beautiful coral garden and underwater landscape which are perfect for photo shootings. With an average depth of 5-20 m, the bottom of the sea around here is covered with sand, corals and rocks. You can find a huge variety of coral reef fishes in this area, such as Butterfly, Cardinal, Angel, Grouper, Damselfish, Anthias, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrot, Surgeon, Trigger, Box, Puffer, Porcupine and many more. All of those marine creatures create a busy underwater city life. Occasionally, you will also see manta ray, eagle ray and sea turtles passing by. Diving in Pasi Island is very suitable for beginner divers due to the weak current and low depth of sea. At the drop off, you can find some large pelagic such as Trevallies, Snapper, Fusiliers, Sweetlips, Tuna and Spanish Mackerel. Bottom dwellers like Gobies, Moray, Leaffish, Scorpion, Flathead and Blennies are also can be seen around here. However, this drop off diving site is for experienced divers only as the currents are strong most of the time. Fast speedboats allow you to reach a wide variety diving sites around Pasi Island, and follow you during drift dives. You may spot dolphins, whales and dugongs while you are on the boat.

Selayar Island has for many years been ignored by both the land-based traveler and the dive holiday-maker. That is too bad because there are some undiscovered nature beauty resides around this area, including the beautiful Pasi Island. With excellent coral growth and many species of reef fish, diving in Pasi Island is an exceptional experience waiting to be discovered.

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