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The absence of seasons makes Pattaya an ideal diving destination over the other diving sites in Thailand. Pattaya does not have any monsoon season and therefore diving can be done all year round. Despite the absence of the Andaman marine life, Pattaya still has an interesting collection of wrecks and diving sites to explore. Wreck diving is a key attraction here and diving operators can be found in plentiful in Pattaya.

Dive Season

Year round scuba diving with the best conditions between November and May.

Dive Sites

Koh Krok

  • 5-20m
  • Often strong currents
  • Soft and hard corals.

Koh Sak

  • 5-20m
  • Weak to strong currents
  • Soft and soft corals, gorgonian seawhips, barrel sponges,anemones, nudibranchs, moray eels.

Koh Larn-Shark Point

  • 5-25m
  • Drift dive
  • Colorful reef with soft and hard corals, sea fans, fish life and nurse sharks.

Koh Larn-Western reef

  • 5-25m
  • Drift dive
  • Fringing rocky reef with seafans, seawhips and marine life.
  • Favorite for dive courses.

Koh Hu Chang

  • 5-15m
  • Can be strong current
  • Barrel sponges and hard corals.
  • Invertebrates and reef fishes.

Koh Klung Baden

  • 5-15m
  • Moderate current
  • Hard corals, soft corals, sponges, gorgonian sea whips, pufferfish, parrotfish and fusiliers.

Koh Man Wichai

  • 5-20m
  • Sheltered
  • Short walls with soft and hard corals. Various marine life including angelfish and butterflyfish, pipefish.
  • Sea turtles.

Hin Kaaw

  • 5-20m
  • Weak to strong current
  • Coral mounds, gorgonian seafans, seawhips, sponges and anemones.
  • Moray eels and schools of fishes.

Hin Ton Mai

  • 5-20m
  • Weak to strong current
  • Rocky coral ridges with gorgonians, feather stars, anemones and various fish life.
  • The Thai Navy uses this rock for practice (shells!)

Dive Sites Reviews in Pattaya

It was a great day of diving on one of Pattaya’s well known but rarely dived wrecks the Bremen when ...

Liveaboard Reviews in Pattaya

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Aaron November 17, 2016

I am planning on a 1 day dive trip in Pattaya on 21st Dec for total 3 person. No refresher is required but we are all open water certified and have basic dive experience of approx 6 dives to date.

Appreciate if you can revert with a proposed price package. Many thanks.



Charles November 23, 2016

Hi. I am Charles Davis an active diver for over 19 years who enjoys writing about his favorite activities, Scuba Diving and Travel. Also known as the Scuba Diving Nomad. I am semi-retired and travel frequently. Four books on travel and scuba diving and an additional book of photography under my name, twelve books ghost written.


Sean April 11, 2017

Hi There, my name is Sean and I recently completed my PADI Open Water Diver in Phuket (Feb 17) and now I’m wanting to complete my Advanced Open Water.

I am in Pattaya from the 16th morning until the 19th afternoon and as I’m on a budget I’m hoping you may have a special price for me. I will not have any gear as I’m flying in from Australia.

I’m keen to also dive the wreck I keep hearing about.

I look forward to your response. Regards Sean (dezylva at hotmail dot com).


Jyothy June 25, 2017


I am Jyothy from India and I’m visiting Koh Larn island on 26th July. Since you offer diving trips in Koh Larn, I would like to know the following details:
1. About a beginners, full equipment single dive (time for the dive, the charges etc)
2. Also if you offer sea walking and snorkeling along with the scuba diving schedule (My daughter would like to do scuba diving and sea walking/snorkeling for me)
3.We are staying in Koh Larn so we would like to know how you would accommodate the two of us in your dive trips.

Waiting for your reply.

Thank You


Roy August 31, 2017

Good day,
I am not looking for a course at this time but looking for work. I am currently an independent PADI MSDT working weekends in Dubai for one of the dive shop here. I appreciate that you may not have any permanent positions but would like some advice on being an independent in Pattaya. I will be starting my IDC Staff training next week also. I am married to a Thai lady and we have been living in Dubai for the past 3 years. I work as a technical Training Manager in the oil & gas sector but now is the time to take a sabbatical and even early retirement from this industry. Any advice regarding working in the dive industry in Pattaya would be appreciated.




Lim September 17, 2017

Hi, i am interested in TDI evolution CCR air diluent course. Would like to know more details about what is inclusive and exclusive?
Estimation of price for the course.


adam September 20, 2017

Good afternoon,

I currently have my advanced open water license and want to go all the way to dive master how long would it take and how much would an internship cost. i am looking to start as soon as possible.


SEOW September 28, 2017

Hi, do you provide any transport from bangkok?


Trin October 12, 2017

I will be in Pattaya on October 15, 2017 for diving and I want to take Dry Suit specialty course while I am there. Please let me know if you can conduct the course for me on October 16 so that I can extend my stay and reserve hotel accordingly.


Kyal October 19, 2017

Do you have Drysuits available to use for the Drysuit Diver course>



Kyal November 16, 2017

Do you still offer the Dry Suit diving course?

I am seeking to do this in Thailand before doing a dive trip in Europe this winter.



Shun November 21, 2017

Hi, I’m plan to visiting Pattaya on 18 Dec 2017, and I plan to spend a day for diving. So, do I have to make booking in advance or I can directly walk in to purchase a dive package. I prefer to walk in, cuz my trip is not really confirm.

Thank you.


zac November 25, 2017


looking for spearfishing for 2 pax, what is the price per pax?
WE are beginner and hence we need equipments, and prefer a place that is shallow and little current.

Looking forward to hear from u



Manfred December 01, 2017

Hello and good afternoon from Manila.

I would like to inquire if your are still offering the PADI – National Geographic Portal Specialty Course.

If yes, kindly fill me with the details such as course content, course objectives, duration, number of dives, certification card details, etc.

I am a certified PADI rescue Diver and have logged more than 100 dives to date.

Hope to hear from you soon please.




vanes December 11, 2017

Hello, I am not a divers, anyway I read you go to Samae Sun Island.

Do you only caters divers or can you also bring me there on the beach, coming back after your dive?

If you also do it, please give me some more details.

Else please tell me if you anyway bring people on beaches on other islands.

Thank you very much



Huw January 13, 2018


I will be in Pattaya for a week in March to do some scuba diving. I dived with Aquanauts a few years ago but can no longer find then on Soi 6 and using Google maps street view I don’t find Da Scuba Bookings either. Are Da and Aquanauts the same and if so do they still have the large dive boat?

Kind regards,



niccolò January 29, 2018

i’ll take to bangkok in march and i woould like to have spearfishing, could you give me more infos?


Vincent February 15, 2018

I just good my Open Water Diver license two weeks ago on the Philippines and would like to do some dives in Thailand as well. Out of the offers and locations what tour could you recommend? And how much are one day with 2-3 dives including all the equipment?
Thanks for your answer.
Best, Vincent


shaundey March 04, 2018


i wil try to keep it short

i am shaun dey 30 (1dec.) And from Amsterdam the Netherlands a certified dive master but i have been traveling for 2 year
so i feel the need for me to practice /work more experience more learn more see more
I am still a beginner so that i can become idc in the future so right now im searching for work ass divemaster

the reason why i just now am searching again is because i decided to go for work holiday visas to australia and new zealand now that im done with that..i am going to focus more on watersport

my status for diving is on green and i have my dive teacher books also my own simple dive stuff like watch compass a current hook for current diving and some more stuff
were i dived we did allot of wreck diving, current diving, night diving, snorkeling, pool teaching.. i can speak english and dutch and understand german 50% so hoop there is a place for me in your team

I just need a good team to feel good energy and learn more and correct me if i do things wrong so that i can grow and eventually in a view years do idc
Hoop to get anything back for now have a nice day


Tim March 14, 2018


How often do you run the DAN advanced o2 provider and CPR courses?



richard July 03, 2018

Is Mark R. Stangroome still working for the center? I’m a 2001 student whom did my open water with him and I’m looking forward for the instructor level course.


Hyojin August 09, 2018


My name is Hyojin, living in Japan.
I am going to Bangkok next week, arrive in 21 at midnight.
It would be wonderful to have a chance to one or two scuba diving in Pattaya in 23.
I have license of Advanced Open Water with about 30 times diving records.

Hope my schedule is available.


Yasir August 18, 2018

I’ll be arriving to Pattaya today and I hope to be able to to book and take the Open Water Diving course starting from tomorrow as I’ll be around for 4-5 days. I filled up online form but not sure if it was received yet.

Could you please guide me to how to start a head with this, timing, location etc.

Thanking you in advance.



Trin September 10, 2018

I want to take Drysuit Diving Specialty Course.


Graham December 09, 2018

Hi, I’m planning a trip to Thailand first week of January and would like to go spearfishing. Will you guys be available?




rich January 06, 2019

Spearfishing trips on the 26th, 27th and 28th


I am considering spending some days over there on those dates.. will you be organizing an Spearfishing trip those days?

How are the conditions for Spearfishing?


Naruthep March 26, 2019

Hello I wanted to ask what is the total price of Advance open water? and also i wanted to ask do you have nearsighted mask? around -3.50


Daniel May 10, 2019

I am a diving instructor.

I am planning a trip for my students for diving and fishing even spearfishing.

Plese let me know the private boat cost?
DM? air and nitrox?


Varun June 07, 2019

I would like to arrange a PADI discover scuba diving for tomorrow (8/06/2019).


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