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Pombo Island is a conservative area located off the northeast coast of Ambon City. This island became one of the popular destinations for divers from around the world. The crystal clear water and the natural beauty under the sea with biota diverse marine and coral reefs will leave you amazed. The soft, sandy sea bed is beautifully covered with swaying seaweed and colorful corals. The crystal clear sea is filled with all types of ocean-life making diving in Pombo Island is a must for the visitors. The name “Pombo” comes from the Portuguese word for “dove,” as the island is much like a haven to various species of nesting birds, including the Ducula Bicolor, indigenous to the Maluku province. The area of the beach is very lonely and deserted, so you would feel if the island is the island of your own.

To reach Pombo Island, you have to get to the capital city of Ambon first. Through the Pattimura Airport, you can fly to Ambon from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Kupang and several other less frequented destinations. If you are travelling from an international destination, it would be best to route through Jakarta. From the city of Ambon, you can get a bus to reach Tulehu Port in Waii, a small coastal village on the outskirts of Ambon. A speedboat can be rented here that will take you to Pombo Island in a 30 minutes ride from Tulehu Port. As you arrive at Pombo Island, you will be advised that there is not much on the island that is not purely natural, so you may want to bring enough food and drinks for your stay there.

Diving in Pombo Island will amaze you because it has a beautiful underwater world. The colorful fish will swim across you waiting to be captured by the camera. You will also spot a big variety of marine lives in this area, such as many commensally shrimps and gobies, squat lobsters and clingfish, a type of small creature that really makes this site special. The area is also crowded with red-toothed triggerfish, longnose butterfly fish, and blue-dash fusiliers and many other colorful species. You might be able to run into a banded sea krait or a shark around the area. If you are lucky enough, you may also encounter a dolphin or dugongs here. There are a huge variety of sponges, hard and soft corals in the area, with colorful brown, orange and pink mixed with splashes of green and blue. You can also find the bubble coral and anemones that are home to the little coral shrimps and crinoids. The average depth of the water is 15 – 30 meters, with the average visibility of 15 – 20 meters. With the clear and calm current water, this place is a perfect place for beginners.

Pombo Island is the type of dive site that scuba gear was made for. It is a lush tropical island with a little rocky satellite island, surrounded by flat calm water with vibrant colorful reefs, which are clearly visible through the surface of the water. Diving in Pombo Island would be definitely a great choice for your challenging holiday.

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