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“Pulau Sapi” is a small island having a jetty with a sandy patch, which often reveals the gobys, cuttlefish and flounders.

The following day we headed off to explore Edgell Patch, near Sapi Island. The reef here is a gentle slope starting at about 6m and continuing to 25m. Basir promised to show us two large frogfish, and indeed he did. At 24m, there were two purplish-coloured frogfish perching majestically on two separate barrel sponges. Having little bottom time to spare, Adi and I frantically tried to get the shot we wanted before our dive computers gave us their warning beeps.

Coming up to 15m, colourful feather stars greeted us while swarms of cardinalfish flitted in and out of crevices. Adi waved me over to proudly point out a sleeping nurse shark. Schools of fusiliers swam past and among them was a scrawled filefish. Cleaner wrasse, intent on providing their cleaning services, checked us out as we floated peacefully underwater.

Another nice diving site is Ron’s reef.

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