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The waters of Indonesia have been long known as one of the best spots for diving in the world. One such diving site is located in the beautiful archipelagic marine park of Karimunjawa. If you are the type of person who loves adventure, then you are obliged to feel the crystal clear sea water, blue sky, white clouds and fresh air of Karimunjawa. Among those beautiful islands, there is this one island that you have to visit, Pulau Tengah or Tengah Island. Even though the island is not too large, only approximately 4 hectares, its beauty is stunningly wonderful both on land and under the waters.

Tengah Island is one of the few islands that lie in Karimunjawa archipelago. Tengah Island is 1.5 hours away from major islands Karimunjawa and can be easily reached by boat. Tengah Island is located right in the middle of the ocean, so that could be the origin of the island’s name of being in “the middle” (Tengah=Middle). In this island a small wooden pier was built so that small boats or fishing boats can be docked.

Tengah Island has been known for its beauty among the beach lovers, especially those who have been to Karimunjawa. The view of Tengah Island in a distance from the boat looks very beautiful, and that beauty will only multiplied once you arrive on the island. The natural beauty and wealth of marine life on the island ought to be expressed as a hidden beauty of Karimunjawa. The highest temperature on the island is between 30°C and 27°C. Sand, coral reefs and coral rocks are what make up the composition of this island. Palm trees and sea pine thrives almost the entire land area. The water is so clear that it allows you to see the coral reefs right from the ship. Coral reefs such as table coral and brain coral can be seen at a depth of 3-10 meters with very good condition.

As you might have expected, diving in Tengah Island is relatively easy as its waters are quite warm, with the highest temperature within 30°C and the lowest temperature around 27°C. There is almost no strong current here and even if there is, it must be a weak current along the coast.

Under the sea of Tengah Island, there are many beautiful marine life such as the likes of schools of fish or yellow tail fusilier (caesionidae) that are colored in blue, yellow and silver. There are also some other fishes such as snapper and sweetlips fusiliers in about 5 to 20 meters depth. Coral reef fishes such as butterfly, angel, cardinal, damselfish, grouper, batfish, anthias, surgeon, wrasse, parrot, box, puffer, trigger and porcupine can also be seen in the depths of 3 to 17 meters.

Bottom dwellers fish such as flounder, gobies, moray, flathead, blennies and scorpion fish are available to be spotted in the depth of 3 to 20 meters. Other organisms including octopus, shrimps and crabs also inhabit the waters of the island, where they are usually found at depths between 5 to 20 meters. Although quite rare, there are also mollusks, sea snakes, turtles, stingrays, sharks and dolphins in the depths of 5 to 20 meters.

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