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We speed past the southern tip of the world, holding so hard onto the boat my knuckles start to turn white. The waters of southern Africa turn from dark and cold to warm and blue.

Here where the currents diverge, the pelagic species roam. I have never seen so much life on one journey, a curious mola mola waving its bony white fin at us as we cruise past, a super pod of dolphins over 1000 strong, churning the waters as they leap.

I suit up and take the plunge into the Southern African waters eager to encounter the sharks I can come to witness, the majestic blue and powerful Mako.

The first life comes from the deep, a muscular shape speeding past, one, and then two, and suddenly a dozen yellow-fin tuna gone as soon as they had appeared.

After 60 minutes in the water, the sharks have arrived in force, more than 20 blue sharks, curious as puppies; I have to push away a few cheeky individuals who come for a closer look.

Blue Shark at Deep South dive site

Blue Shark at Deep South- Photo Credit: Chris Vyvyan-Robinson

Blue Shark at The Deep in South Africa

Blue Shark – Photo Credit: Chris Vyvyan-Robinson

The Mako is a different breed; fast, muscular and fearsome looking, yet a privilege to see these species in their natural environment, effortlessly in command of the situation.

The Author: Chris Vyvyan Robinson is an underwater photographer and divemaster based in the Azores.

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