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Indonesia as a country consisted with thousands of island is known as the diving paradise by the surfers. There are hundreds of diving spots in here which attracting diver from all around the globe. In Sulawesi, you might have heard about Bunaken as the ocean paradise with many corals and beautiful underwater life to see. However, there is another place in this island that will attract you, it is the Togian Islands. This island does not seem to be as famous as Bunaken, but the coral reef will not lose to Bunaken. Beautiful marine life under the water just lying there waiting for you to discover.

Togian Islands is located on Tomini Bay in Sulawesi Island. Most travelers who come to Sulawesi and want to cross from North to South or vice versa are usually stopped at this island first. Togian Islands is a magnificent island consist of 56 small islands which formed by the volcanic activity. The archipelago of this island is covered with dense rainforest and a beautiful coral reef circling these islands. While it is not advisable to travel in the rainforest because it has a lot of mosquitos which can infect you with malaria, the coral reef is like a brand new world for you to take your adventure to.

If you wish to visit Togian Islands, then you should take a flight to Gorontalo then take a boat to Togian Islands. This boat scheduled is only twice a week with no fixed schedules so you have to check frequently. The other way to visit this island is by taking a bus from Gorontalo to Bumbulan continues with a ferry to Togian Islands. This trip is much shorter than the taking a ferry directly. From Bumbulan, it only took 5 hours while if you go straight from Gorontalo it will take around 13 hours.

Togian Islands provide you with many diving or snorkeling opportunities for you who loved the underwater life.There are also many diving centers in Togian Island for you to choose. As for the diving site you can choose to explore 3 types of coral reef which are fringe, barrier and atoll or you can all of them to complete your journey in Togian Islands. For you advanced divers, this island provides you with other fascinating spots which are Unauna an active volcano and B24 World War II bomber wreck.

There are a lot of diving centers in Togian Island that can guide you while you stay in Togian Islands. These resorts take USD and EUR as their payment currency but you can also use IDR in here. The diving price is ranging from EUR 26 or USD 60 depends on which resort and tour you choose. There is also a very cheap cottage with price starting from IDR 100.000,-. While there is no money changer or ATM in this island, please make sure you bring enough cash. Some of the dive center might accept credit card but you should check with them first.

Overall this complex of islands is really good and very calm, so you do not have to worry about strong current while you are diving or snorkeling. Do not stop at Bunaken only, Togian Islands also has its own unique marine life for you to enjoy. Happy diving!!

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