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The Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast of Mexico has become one of the most famous cave diving destinations in the world.

Beneath the peninsula lies the fresh water cave systems, which can be accessed through some 80-90 cenotes (cavern entrances).

Over 160km worth of cave system has already been mapped. The cave systems offer world class cave diving to all levels of cave divers.

Climate: Humid, winter temps average 20 °C
Type: Cave Diving
Best Time to Dive: Nov – Mar
Water Temp: 20 °C

Dive Sites Reviews in Yucatan Peninsula

Spectacular dive site with a magical hydrogen sulfate layer looking like a cloud with a forest reaching through.

Diving Casa Cenote (also known as Cenote Manati) feels like being under the jungle!

Liveaboard Reviews in Yucatan Peninsula

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