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The SY Adelaar is a classically-built yacht that was built with comfort and style in mind.

The SY Adelaar was a Dutch schooner that was reborn as the Adelaar after undergoing a lot of renovations. In its earlier manifestation, the vessel had plied the seas between countries like Norway, Sweden, Russia, and England for a hundred years. It traverses less area in its new incarnation as an Indonesian liveaboard, but having been rebuilt to five-star standards, it is now the personification of elegance.


The SY Adelaar Liveaboard

If you are keen on exploring some of the remotest parts of Indonesia and see the unique marine fauna of the area, Adelaar is the answer for you. Not only does it let you do all this but ensures that you do it in the utmost luxury and comfort. It has been designed specifically to take a group of around eight people to remote dive sites. Though there are package tours, tourists are given customization options as well. This allows them to include additional places of interest in the itinerary.

Adelaar Liveaboard Video

The Adelaar management has been operating dive safaris in the Komodo area for more than fifteen years. As such, they have a thorough knowledge about the topography, safe routes, dive site locations, snorkel sites, and good anchorages of the area. This rich experience is complemented by the best in modern technology that is used in the vessel, like an accurate navigation system, good safety equipment, and a very experienced and responsible crew. The customers’ safety and satisfaction is fully ensured by this combination.

Besides making certain that you ride in absolute comfort and enjoy great cuisine, Adelaar will also provide you with a dive instructor to guide you through every aspect of diving. And the Swiss cruise director will be in overall charge of the cruise to ensure that you enjoy the trip to the fullest.

The vessel has four elegantly furnished staterooms, each with double beds, en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, and latest entertainment provisions.

With teak wood panels, high ceilings and an inviting salon below deck, the Adelaar is truly the way to travel in style. The main salon has a well-stocked library with comfortable seating, a games table and multiple desks for writing ‘wish you were here’ postcards. The fully-equipped bar on-board is the ideal place to order a colourful cocktail and guests can even enjoy the luxury of a sun-downer cocktail from the main deck, a wonderful spot to watch the sun go down.

The Adelaar’s second salon is on the upper deck and is the perfect place for guests to enjoy their meals. The dining salon boasts big windows offering stunning views of the surroundings and if the weather permits guests can even opt for their meals to be served alfresco on the main sundeck. The Adelaar crew serve up a wide variety of gourmet meals and these are served à la carte to cater for every guest’s tastes.

On the Adelaar’s main deck is a large shaded area for guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery en-route. For the sun-seekers on-board there is also an area without a sun awning for relaxing and tanning on large and comfortable cushions.

Adelaar Cabins and Deck Plan

As with every aspect of this luxurious liveaboard, the Adelaar was planned and designed for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment of its guests. Its maximum capacity is only 8 divers allowing for a personalized experience on this spacious, boutique-style vessel. There are 4 staterooms in total and all are individually air-conditioned and boast their own spacious en-suite bathroom facilities. Two of the rooms contain a double bed with a convertible couch that can be used for a child or for those wanting separate sleeping spaces. The vessel’s master suite is pure luxury and boasts an abundance of space together with magnificent high ceilings.

The yacht’s interior is panelled with rich and luxurious-looking teak wood throughout. Together with the high ceilings, the vessel has both an intimate and expansive feel to it and with only 8 guests on-board, you are unlikely to feel cramped or pushed for space. There are a number of common areas for relaxing and spending time between dives such as the lower deck salon complete with a full bar and drinks fridge for guests. The lower salon also has 2 desks and a comfortable couch to lounge on. The Adelaar boasts a wide variety of entertainment options, from the games table in the lower salon to the flat screen televisions available in each cabin, the dining area and the salon. The vessel’s state-of-the-art entertainment system includes over 3000 movies and 30000 songs for guests to enjoy during downtime between dives.

The guest dining area is located at deck level and the fully-equipped galley adjacent to the dining space boasts a variety of high end appliances for guests to use.


The main deck is partly covered by a sun awning, making it the perfect spot to unwind while appreciating the magnificent views. It is also possible to enjoy one of the famous G&T’s here, carefully prepared by the on-board steward and served with a smile. With a spacious seating area and a big table too, alfresco meals are also served in this area and the stunning scenery is sure to only enhance the taste of the gourmet dishes. The back deck features an additional and convenient bathroom for guests coming in from a dive or swim.

On the vessel’s upper deck is the cruise director’s cabin and the fully-equipped Navigation Room. The crew’s lounge and dining space is also on the upper deck as well as a dedicated smoking area. The crew’s living space is separate from the other accommodation and is located in the ship’s bow.


We hope to have covered all your questions in the above description of the Adelaar, however, if you have additional questions, please read on to discover more about this luxurious liveaboard.

Q : Which airlines fly into Bali?

Denpasar (DPS) is Bali’s main international airport and it receives flights from a host of international airlines. Depending on where you are coming from, a simple search on a flight comparison website such as Expedia or Skyscanner should provide you with the details. For American visitors, Singapore Airlines is a good airline choice. From the east coast of the United States, Singapore Airlines will transport passengers from New York via Frankfurt, stopping in Singapore before landing in Bali. From the west coast, Singapore Airlines fly out of either Los Angeles or San Francisco and will make a stop in Singapore before reaching Bali. For visitors coming from Houston, Texas, a number of airlines such as Malaysian Air, China Air and Qatar Air will travel via Moscow to reach Bali.

Q : What about transportation from the airport to my hotel?

The airport in Bali has an area specifically allocated for arranging taxis as you exit the arrival hall. The taxi rates are pre-set and you can pay for the taxi right at the counter to avoid any issues with the driver upon drop off. The taxi driver will take you to your taxi and will get you to your hotel safely. If you would prefer a private transfer, this can be arranged.

Q : How do I get to the pick-up point for the Adelaar?

This transfer can be arranged with your hotel or this can be done with Adelaar booking staff prior to your arrival. Your private car and driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the embarkation point.

Q : Will someone from the liveaboard contact me once I get to Bali?

As they aim for your experience to be as seamless as possible, you will be contacted at your hotel by a member of Adelaar staff who speaks your language fluently. When you make your booking Adelaar booking, ensure that you provide the details of your flights and your hotel booking. It is also a good idea to email your contact details to the Adelaar staff just to be safe. The best number to contact the Adelaar on is +62 81 2387 4313.

Q : Why does the trip depart from Bali and not Bima or Labuan Bajo?

Departing and returning to Bali is much simpler for guests as the often unreliable inter-island flights can be avoided this way. These flights can be delayed or cancelled without any notice, making transportation to Bali much more complicated.

Q: Is the trip suitable for children?

Most definitely! Many families consider a trip aboard the Adelaar the ideal family vacation as there are plenty of non-diving activities available too. Children can enjoy snorkelling and swimming opportunities as well as the shore excursions. The Komodo Dragons are of course always a hit with children.

Q: Does the menu accommodate vegetarians?

The chefs on-board the Adelaar will be only too happy to cater to specific diets, however, this needs to be communicated in advance. This is only because all the food is purchased before leaving Bali.

Q: Is it possible to charter the entire boat?

Yes, of course! Chartering the whole boat as a group of friends or a large family is the perfect way to get the most out of the Adelaar experience. Simply contact the liveaboard booking staff for details.

Q: Are the sites in Komodo National Park only suitable for experienced divers?

Most certainly not! The Komodo National Park has a number of sites that range in difficulty level, everyone from brand new divers to very experienced divers is catered for. The itinerary will be customized based on each diver’s experience level so that everyone gets a chance to experience the magical underwater scenes beneath the waves.

Q: Does the Adelaar Liveaboard do any other routes?

Most trips travel to the Komodo area but there are also routes to Sumba, Savu, Alor, south Sulawesi and even the world-renowned Raja Ampat.

Adelaar Komodo Itinerary

Climb aboard the Adelaar Liveaboard and explore the beautiful islands of the Komodo island group on the Komodo route. Beginning and ending in Bali, the Komodo itinerary ensures that you don’t need to worry about additional flight costs or baggage fees and you get to make the most of your experience amongst the stunning emerald green islands within this world-famous archipelago.

Please note: Routes on all fixed departure itineraries such as the Komodo Itinerary may need to be adjusted according to sea conditions, weather and the abilities of the divers on board. Changes to the itinerary will only be made to ensure your comfort and safety.

Dive Itinerary

Bali – Komodo – Bali Route | 11D/10N

Monday (Day 1):
The Adelaar Liveaboard crew will be at Serangan Harbour in Bali to graciously welcome you on board at 8 am. The exact meeting place is the wooden jetty located opposite the Dolphin Lodge. Once all passengers are on-board, the crew will brief you on a number of safety requirements and provide useful information that will come in handy for your liveaboard trip. Setting sail from Serangan Harbour, the Adelaar will make its way along Bali’s magnificent coastline, travelling through the night to reach the first stop on the itinerary, Satonda Island. Liveaboard guests usually spend this first day settling in, unpacking their belongings and enjoying the luxury of relaxing on the Adelaar’s spacious deck. Ensure you’re on the deck for sunset as there the sun goes down over Mount Agung and offers a spectacular view.

Tuesday (Day 2): As the Adelaar is only scheduled to arrive at Satonda in the late morning, guests are free to enjoy a relaxing morning on-board. Breakfast is freshly prepared as you like it and guests often enjoy a variety of coffees on the deck whilst waiting for their breakfast to be cooked. At Satonda, two dives are scheduled along the sloping reef where divers can see plenty of marine life hiding out on the sandy sea floor or around the coral ledges. Key marine life to take note of includes the pygmy seahorse, cuttlefish, sea turtles and ornate ghost pipefish. There is much to see on the volcanic island of Pulua Satonda in the downtime between dives. A must-see is the salt water lake that lies in a volcanic crater and is only a short hike away from the beach. The story goes that after Mt Tambora’s eruption in 1814, a giant tsunami filled the crater with salt water and it has been attracting visitors ever since. Along the edge of the lake are the beautiful ‘wishing trees’ where guests can make their wishes and hope that they come true. Don’t waste your wish by wishing for a wonderful liveaboard experience, as the Adelaar crew pretty much guarantees that!

Another interesting thing to see along the shores of Satonda is the presence of stromatolites, fascinating layered limestone structures formed by colonies of cyanobacteria. These single-celled microbes can be traced back at least 3.5 billion years and are some of the oldest life forms on Earth. The cyanobacteria (which take the form of green-blue algae) essentially create these solid stromatolite structures from trapped sediment that eventually forms limestone after reacting to the calcium carbonate present in the water. After a great day spent exploring the wonders of Satonda, the Adelaar will depart at sunset and head towards the world-renowned Komodo National Park, travelling through the night to reach this exciting destination.

Wednesday (Day 3): On the third day aboard the Adelaar, guests can enjoy a magnificent sunrise at Gili Lawa Laut, an area in the northern part of Komodo National Park. The park itself actually spans across both Asian and Australian biogeographical space, meaning that there is a wide variety of animal life to be seen, especially exotic bird life for those who are interested. When not diving, guests are able to hike around the area and will be rewarded with a stunning panorama view of the entire archipelago from the top of a hill. The diving in this Wallacea region is exceptional and divers can hope to experience great visibility and see big schools of fish. The bay does experience some current, but this is unlikely to be strong. The Adelaar will spend the night in a quiet bay tonight, ready for action on Day 4.

Thursday (Day 4): Today’s itinerary includes a guided hike on Komodo Island where guests can hope to see some of the island’s namesake, the intimidating-looking Komodo Dragons. Komodo Island is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is also one of the 7 Wonders of the World. These prehistoric monitor lizards can only be found on this island and are truly a sight to behold – well worth the 7 am start! Back on the Adelaar, guests can enjoy a tasty lunch as the vessel sails towards the southern region of Komodo. The liveaboard will stop once along the way for guests to dive and then head to Lehok Sera where divers can search for the beautiful mandarin fish which comes out at dusk to perform its beautiful mating dance. The vessel will anchor here for the night and guests can appreciate the quiet, scenic views from the deck whilst enjoying their freshly-prepared dinner.

Friday (Day 5): Manta rays are the name of the game on Friday, the fifth day aboard the Adelaar. An early morning start will ensure that we reach the southern coast of Komodo on time to experience two magnificent dives at Manta Alley or Langkoi as it is locally known. The manta rays frequent this area to feed thanks to the nutrient-rich waters along the southern coast of Komodo. Although visibility is sometimes slightly lower than in previous dives and temperatures are likely to be cooler, during the months of November to March the conditions are much the same as in the north. Aside from majestic mantas, guests can also hope to see the fantastic mola mola or oceanic sunfish, white tip reef sharks and bumphead parrotfish. After diving and lunch, the Adelaar will move its guests towards Nusa Kode, an area south of Rinca. The breath-taking landscape here consists of massive cliff walls and below the surface of the water is an impressive variety of macro life waiting to be discovered, which is what the third dive of the day will focus on. After the macro dive, guests are treated to a shore excursion to observe the resident dragons on the island. These magnificent beasts have been recorded as weighing up to 160 kilograms and measuring up to 3 metres long. At such large sizes, it’s understandable that the dragon’s prey sometimes includes animals as large as an adult water buffalo! A night dive is scheduled for just around sunset and a well-deserved late dinner will be served on board after an action-packed day.

Saturday (Day 6): Early risers can spend the morning on the lookout for Komodo dragons wandering the beach for food in Horseshoe Bay. You might also be treated to deer and monkey sightings and even sea eagles on the hunt. The two dives on today’s itinerary are sure to impress. The first is the well-known Cannibal Rock, a favourite amongst macro divers. Expect to see almost every critter species in the book and ensure you have your underwater camera to hand to photograph the fantastic variety of hard and soft corals and bushes of black coral. White tip reef sharks, scorpion fish and marble rays are also possible sightings at Cannibal Rock. After lunch, the liveaboard travels north to Padar where divers can experience better visibility and warmer water temperatures. After a pleasant afternoon hike on the island, sun-downers can be enjoyed from the lookout point, and those who are interested can even go for a night dive in the bay.

Sunday (Day 7): An early morning departure from Padar sends Adelaar guests towards ‘current city’, an area known for big schools of fish and much better visibility than some of the previous sites. The vessel will head north towards Wainilu in the late afternoon where guests can enjoy a quick island walk up a hill to see the panoramic view of Rinca and its surrounding islands. Again, there is the option of a night dive which allows guests the chance to see starry night octopuses, fingered dragonets and even bobtail squid on the white sandy slope.
Monday (Day 8): Today is spent diving at the fantastic sites around Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut, two uninhabited and remote islands in the north of Komodo National Park. Guests can explore the hugely popular sites of Crystal Rock and Castle Rock where an abundance of fish can be seen. A variety of sea turtles such as hawksbill and green turtles can be seen here as well as eagle rays, grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks. After some fantastic diving in these clear waters, the Adelaar starts to make its way back towards the starting point, stopping in Banta Island for the last night dive of the trip. Although divers will be sad that the experience is nearing an end, the sunset over the active volcano at Sangeang is likely to curb any feelings of unhappiness.

Tuesday (Day 9): An early morning departure towards an active volcano is sure to wake any late risers! The recently erupted volcano at Sangeang still features steaming lava that flows from the edge of the volcanic crater towards the water. Some fantastic black sand muck diving opportunities await you beneath these waters at sites such as Black Forest and Hot Rocks. There’s even the chance to experience an underwater Jacuzzi as bubbles of sulphur gas make their way up from the ground towards the surface. At the end of the day, the Adelaar crew presents the opportunity to take away a memorable group photograph with the vessel’s sails set up in full glory. Tuesday night is spent sailing towards Moyo Island.

Wednesday (Day 10): Arriving early in the morning on Wednesday, the fringing reef located just outside the main island village is where guests will spend their last two dives of the trip. In between dives, liveaboard guests can visit the area’s waterfall which will involve walking through the local village and past the village school. Don’t be surprised if the friendly school children call you into their classroom and use you to practice their English skills! The walk will also present local goat and buffalo herds as well as an array of local plants such as teak and cashew trees. Upon arrival at the magnificent waterfall, the dare devils in the group can swing on the waterfall’s rope swing which drops down into a fresh pool below. Upon arrival back at the Adelaar, guests are treated to a relaxing lunch on-board as the vessel makes its way back to Bali. The Adelaar crew will have already washed, rinsed and dried all the dive kit in preparation for tomorrow’s departure.

Thursday (Day 11): The Adelaar will arrive back at Serangan Harbour around 9 am. Guests can feast on a full, freshly-prepared breakfast on-board before disembarking and making their way to their next destination.

The Adelaar crew will be more than happy to assist with any transfer requirements, however if you have arranged your own transfers please ensure that this allows for any possible delays the Adelaar might incur whilst cruising.

Francesca, Italy September 15, 2017

Life aboard the Adelaar was really great, our family had a fantastic time. The original itinerary was good, and even when adjustments needed to be made the crew were attentive and well-organised.

We went on the trip in December and the diving was phenomenal! The boat itself was really well-looked after and our room was even upgraded which was an added bonus.

Recommended for: The diving, of course!


Greta, UK September 15, 2017

The Komodo Trip on the Adelaar was really an exceptional experience for all of us. We loved the scuba diving, we loved the boat, and we loved the friendly staff members who all had a great sense of humour which really added to the trip.

The boat was very well maintained and well-equipped with everything we needed for the 10 night trip.

Recommended for: The boat


Dave, New Zealand September 15, 2017

We were blown away by the professional staff members on board the Adelaar liveaboard when we took a trip to the Komodo Islands.

They were helpful, friendly and really great fun to accompany us on the trip. Everyone on board was able to see a Komodo Dragon up close thanks to our brilliant guide, so that was a big and welcomed surprise.

Recommended for: Welcoming, professional staff and the Komodo Dragons


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