Blackbeard’s Sea Explorer Liveaboard

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Blackbeard’s Sea Explorer is a 65 foot budget-friendly liveaboard that gets you the most amount of diving for your money. Similar to its sister vessel, Blackbeard’s Morning Star, this liveboard offers 3 air-conditioned dormitory cabins with comfortable bunk bed arrangements and privacy curtains. A total of 3 bathrooms are shared between the dormitory cabins, and common areas include the indoor saloon and bow area.

All meals, snacks and drinks are included on the trip, including Rum Punch, wine and beer. Blackbeard’s Sea Explorer allows divers to get the most out of their time spent in the Bahamas by offering up to a total of 19 dives per person throughout the week. With no set itinerary and over 250 known dive sites available, divers can expect to experience thrilling drift dives, wall dives, shark dives, blue holes and so much more. Blackbeard’s Sea Explorer offers the chance to make lifelong friends, dive some fantastic locations and enjoy a diving adventure unlike any other.

Michael, United States November 03, 2017

I’m so pleased that I went on this trip, as it truly was one that I’ll never forget!

Although I began the trip not expecting all that much from the boat, crew and facilities, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was, how friendly the crew members were and how enjoyable the entire trip was.

The diving was of course superb, and offered me the opportunity to try new dive types of dive sites that I’d never experienced before.

If you’re looking to dive the Bahamas on a budget and have an enjoyable time doing it, this liveaboard is for you.


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