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The Chertan is a 60ft yacht offering a safe, comfortable journey for up to 10 passengers. Recently renovated to a high standard, the cabins and dive deck are perfectly suited for an unforgettable liveaboard experience in Milne Bay. The Chertan’s main deck features an air-conditioned saloon with a bar, TV and stereo sound system. The adjacent galley and dining area are where all meals are served, and the main bathrooms are nearby and accessible for the vessel’s main deck.

The Chertan’s upper deck has a partially-shaded sun deck with chairs and tables for socializing and relaxing. The diving deck has space for personal diving gear as well as a fill station for tank refills. There are 2 dedicated camera tables and camera storage locations for underwater photographers and videographers. All diving is done from the main vessel and the diving deck has exit ladders and fresh water showers for added convenience. Guests on board the Chertan benefit from unlimited diving as well as night dive opportunities and rent all equipment on board.

The Chertan visits a number of great sites regularly and will adjust itineraries based on the season. Tania’s Reef is a massive coral mount that begins at 140ft deep and ends at just 8ft from the water’s surface. On the reef’s southern side divers will encounter soft corals and large schools of fish as well as giant clams and even turtles. Although the coral mount is large, divers will be able to explore its entirety on one tank, making it a fun-filled and exciting dive.

At a depth of 20 feet, divers visiting Cobb’s Cliff will encounter a steep drop off to at least 150 feet as well as a sandy lagoon at around 60 feet. Large pelagics can be seen on this site including hammerheads and manta rays. Macro divers will also enjoy a variety of fish life including blue ribbon eels, fire gobys and leaf scorpion fish.

Wahoo Point is on the northern side of the mainland and is a shelf popular with hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and manta rays. There have even been recordings of orcas sightings and minke whales. The depth at this site is between 15 feet and 50 feet and the wall features a sheer drop to 200 feet. The site is also home to a variety of anemones, schools of barracuda and elephant ear sponges. Wahoo Point is a favorite amongst wide angle photographers.

Below are some of the favorite dive spots in Milne Bay:

Cherie’s Reef is a drift dive site covered in gorgonians and as a result there are often reported sightings of pigmy seahorses here. The site is also home to large groups of schooling fish.

Observation Point is a rubble dive that presents sandy slopes stretching as far down as 100 feet. Divers can expect to see fire urchins, coleman shrimp, Spanish dancers, cuttlefish, pipe fish, mimic octopus and even the flamboyant cuttlefish.

Sponge Heaven, as the name suggests, is home to a massive variety of sponges that extend down a sheer wall drop measuring over 200 feet. There are small caves to explore and nudibranchs and Spanish dancers to encounter.

Jason’s Reef is a small and interesting coral mound at just 150 feet down. Featuring pelagics, fusiliers and schooling banner fish, this is also a must-visit for those looking to photograph Rhinipoious or the weedy scorpion fish.

Little China is a coral mound ascending from 150 feet and boasting more than 30 dive sites. All underwater photographers will enjoy this site thanks to the macro life, soft coral gardens and big schools of fish.

Michelle’s Reef on the northern coast is again suitable for all underwater photographers. This site is a shallow wall with great swim throughs and plenty of gorgonians to see. Mimic octopus have been sighted here occasionaly, as well as Pegasus fish and many nudibranchs.

Crinoid City is well known for hosting a wide variety of crinoids. There are also trees of black coral, anthias and schools of fusiliers.

Pelagic Point, as the name suggests, features a number of interesting species such as sharks, bommies and rays. There are strong currents in this region and the steep wall drops to beyond 130 feet. The top section of the reef is further down at 215 feet.


All 5 cabins on the Chertain are found on the lower deck.

Stateroom (no 1 & 2)

The first staterooms are available for twin occupancy and have two single beds in a bunk bed arrangement. The bathroom for these rooms is located on the main deck and there is a porthole in the room to allow natural light to enter.

Stateroom (no 3 & 4)

These staterooms have a similar arrangement as the others with 2 single beds arranged into bunk beds. The rooms have a porthole each and the showers are located on the main deck.

Stateroom (no 5)

The final stateroom has its own en-suite bathroom as well as a queen bed and a single bed. The room boasts air-conditioning and a porthole to allow natural light in.

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