Galapagos Aggressor I&II Liveaboard

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The twin ships Galapagos Aggressor I and II were made, designed and equipped as premier liveaboard diving yachts and have been cruising since 1993 all around the Galapagos Islands.

We are five star diving company and we offer the set routes which are combined with diving programs and the visits to land. Park authorities have granted us the special permit in 1994 for this program of ours. We have a goal to offer our guests the permanent luxury diving programs and visits to land as well as protecting the wonderful Galapagos underwater life. These are just some of the examples that make Aggressor Fleet the best visited diving liveaboard boats in the whole world and in the Galapagos Islands the most admired and favorable diving company.


Each of four Master Cabins offers en-suite bathroom with shower, two single beds, which can be turned into a king-sized bed if requested, a closet, dock window, hair dryer and individual air-conditioning control.

There are four Deluxe Cabins. Each of them offers en-suite bathroom with shower, individual air-conditioning control, TV with DVD and two lower single beds.

Getting to Galapagos Islands

Situated in the eastern Pacific, Galapagos Islands are 973km or 605 miles away from Ecuador. Our guests usually have to stay at hotel for one night and we offer the stay at Guayaquil before the trip. On Thursday morning they board a charter flight to San Cristobal.

Warm Welcome

Known as the most inspiring destination of the world, Galapagos Island is a thrilling place to visit. Aggressor I&II leave San Cristobal each Thursday afternoon. Our cruise is one week long and we offer a great number of unique activities. From diving with funny Sea Lions to travelling to Darwin Island for exciting diving to meet Hammerhead Sharks, Tuna clouds, Whale Sharks or maybe famous Darwin’s Arch.

We want to assure we offer our guests the luxury liveaboard diving during their visit to Galapagos Islands. We also have a new route as an offer. National Park controls Galapagos routes and they grant approvals for usual routes or accept requests for special routes. We are one of the few companies with permits, and we were required by National Park management to choose between diving and land excursions (none of the permits offers the both now). New regulations allow us to dive three times a day – two of them in the morning and only one during afternoon. Our new route is extremely interesting as our ships will cruise the new areas as Isabela Island, Pinta Island and Roca Redona.

Our guests go on a bus tour around the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island on Wednesday morning. They visit Scalesia forest, walk through lava tubes, check out pit craters, or see and feed many big tortoises at Charles Darwin Research Station. They also visit a local café in Puerto Ayora, have a lunch there and spend some time shopping afterwards. They are back on ships by evening, where they will have a dinner and a party. Night diving is prohibited by National Park, as most of the sites are in extreme conditions. Galapagos diving is better for experienced divers, as beginner may find it a little bit challenging.


A uniformed crew member will wait at the airport and then transfer our guests to the ships. They may board the yachts from 1 pm. From Thursday afternoon to late Tuesday afternoon is reserved for diving. Wednesday morning our guests depart for bus tour to Santa Cruz Island. They have full breakfast on yacht and then checkout. Transfer to the airport is also provided.

Diving conditions:

  • All diving from tenders
  • Advised 5-7mm wetsuits
  • December – May : Warmer water (21-30 C or 70-86 F), much clearer and with bigger schools of Giant Manta, Sting Ray and Hammerhead Sharks
  • June – November: Cooler water (16-24 C or 60-75 F); Greater sights of Whale Sharks.

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