Galapagos Aggressor III Liveaboard

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Since 1993 The MV Galapagos Aggressor III has been fulfilling the dreams of divers world-wide, who flock to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, hoping to encounter incredible and unique marine mammals and pelagics such as, hammerhead sharks, migratory whale sharks, playful sea lions, manta rays, huge schools of tunas, and even iguanas!

Galapagos Aggressor III

The MV Galapagos Aggressor III Liveaboard

Galapagos Aggressor III Liveaboard Video


Galapagos Aggressor III liveaboard operates 7-night scuba diving tours to the best dive sites of the Galapagos Islands, including multiple days diving at Darwin and Wolf Islands. Departures are every Thursday.

General Facilities

At 30m long and 7m wide, the Aggressor has 3 decks, can accommodate up to 16 divers in a range of deluxe and spacious air-conditioned en-suite cabins, and offers a whole new level of custom designed comfort, with all mod-cons and amenities to satisfy everyone, including non-divers.

Amenities are distributed over 3 decks and comprise of a spacious saloon and adjoining dining area. Large windows provide panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. The saloon has plenty of comfortable seating and cushions so that you can relax in comfort. Complete library of movies, marine life and fish identification books, magazines and novels for your enjoyment. Large flat screen TV and DVD entertainment system.

Outdoor areas include a large sun deck with shaded areas, complete with sun loungers and a hot tub at the bow section of the main deck.

The lower deck has 4 deluxe twin staterooms, and the upper deck has 4 master twin staterooms, which can be arranged into queen-sized beds. Hair-dryer and a TV/DVD player are provided.

No request is too small for our experienced crew of 9 who will pamper you as you dine on delicious meals, served tableside in the dining room. In between dives, relax and socialise in our spacious and comfortable saloon, take a dip into our Jacuzzi, and enjoy refreshing cocktails on the sun deck, while taking in the iconic views. The large dive deck is well-equipped with all gear and has plenty of room for your camera and dive kits. The diving is fully guided, and is done mainly from our Panga dive tenders.

Dive Facilities

The dive deck is well laid out with individual tank bays positioned round the perimetre of the deck, allowing ample space for you to kit up comfortably and perform your buddy checks before boarding one of the motorised dive tenders. Tanks are fitted with K valves (American) so it is necessary to take your own DIN adapter (European) should your diving equipment require.

You will be allocated a personal locker so you can store any diving equipment away safely.

Nitrox is available for an additional charge.


The food on board the Galapagos Aggressor III consists of a combination of American and local dishes. Barbecues are also on the menu.

Meals are served open-buffet style in the main dining area

The menu aboard is varied and plentiful, with a variety of American feasts, barbecues and local cuisine.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for as long as you make this apparent at the time of booking. If you do have any particular favourite foods that you’d like we recommend that you bring them along with you for the chef to cook. We’ll let you know at the time of booking if you requirements can be met.

A variety of fruit juices, water and hot beverages are available throughout the day. Alcoholic beverages are available on board Galapagos Aggressor, although we recommend bringing along your favourite brand due to the high duty charged on liquor in this region.

Camera Facilities

  • On-board PC for downloading and editing photos and videos
  • TV/DVD player in cabins and saloon for playback
  • Camera table and charging stations with strobe

Please ask about rental camera charges – must be pre-booked.


  • 8 spacious, modern en-suite staterooms with hairdryers and TV/DVD players
  • Seasonal encounters with whale sharks, manta rays, sea lions and iguanas
  • Fully renovated in 2014, with all mod-cons and amenities
  • Compliment your trip with extra pre-arranged land excursions


The Galapagos Aggressor III can host up to 16 guests in complete comfort and total privacy. The Galapagos Aggressor III has 8 air-conditioned staterooms with private bathroom facilities and a safe. There is also a TV with entertainment system and a hairdryer.

4 Master Staterooms

The master staterooms all have a queen bed which can be rearranged in order to accommodate twin sharing requirements.

The master staterooms boast large windows with great ocean views.

4 Deluxe Staterooms

The deluxe staterooms have 2 twin beds and 3 porthole windows to allow for natural light to filter into the rooms.

Henrietta, Netherlands September 18, 2017

The staff members were very professional and seemed to really love their job.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see some of the marine life we were hoping for, but the diving was great nonetheless.

Recommended for: Sea lion sightings


Jan, Serbia September 18, 2017

I really enjoyed my time aboard this liveaboard – the diving was great, the marine life was wonderful and the boat facilities were perfect.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday.

Recommended for: Relaxing common areas on-board


Janine, UK September 19, 2017

Just want to thank you for a wonderful trip. We loved every minute of it, and the boat is brilliant, has everything you could need and it felt so comfortable and relaxed, like home away from home, but with better food!

The diving was brilliant, and we swam with beautiful fish and funny sea lions.


Myriam, France September 19, 2017

I cannot recommend the Belize Aggressor more highly, what an excellent experience.

The boat is massive, bags of rooms for everyone to relax and socialise without ever feeling crowded.

My cabin was clean and comfy, and the fresh towels and hairdryer were well appreciated.

Food was really good with lots of choice, and the wine with dinner was decent.

Diving is paradise here, I urge you not to miss this!


Yuyao Wang November 12, 2017

Dear diver friends,

I took a Galapagos Aggressor III trip starting on Sep 14, 2017 as a solo female diver, and got an upstairs cabin which I shared with another girl. During the trip we had a BBQ night. That night before dinner, I took the shower and stepped out of the bathroom to get ready, just to realise there was a pair of creepy eyes peeping right into my room, from the blinds that were somehow not closed properly. My roommate was not in the room at that time and I was not well covered at all, so I panicked and froze at that moment. However I could clearly tell it was someone wearing a greyish hoodie and that person clearly bent over to see through the tiny space between the blinds. As a fled back to the bathroom I saw the figure backing out a little bit, but once I stepped out again with towels covering my body, the figure approached and bent over again, assuming I was still unaware. My mind was clearer then so I quickly dressed up back in the bathroom and stepped out ASAP to catch the peeper, just to see a figure fleeing towards the captain’s room in a haste.

I gathered my nerve and went upstairs later for the BBQ. There I found everyone – all divers and crew. And among them there was one and only one person who wore exactly the same hoodie I saw on the peeper, and he was the captain, Rufino Chele. He acted as if nothing happened and “greeted” me as he did to everyone else. I was astounded, and scared, because he was probably the most powerful man on board at that time, and I thought no crew would stand behind my back if I step up to accuse the captain. So I chose to stay silent and I didn’t tell any of my diver friends on the boat.

After my trip, I contacted Aggressor and reported the case. They (the CEO and the vice president) replied, promising an investigation of the captain. On Oct 27, Aggressor noticed me that the captain, during the investigation, admitted peeping but denied making multiple attempts. They further noticed me that according to some Ecuadorian law, the captain CANNOT be fired or demoted, and also CANNOT be charged on court unless I show up physically in Ecuador for the case. Apparently I was so frustrated to learn this “result”, and I was confounded by Aggressor’s inability to deal with someone working on their own boat. Thus I replied to this “result” with further complaints and requests for more concrete solutions. However, this time, they NEVER replied back.

Aggressor has always been a popular choice for divers, and many of my diver friends have this boat on their travel list. Therefore, I strongly feel that I let my experience be heard. I posted this experience on Aggressor’s Facebook page and some friends of mine shared it to support me, but the only response Aggressor gave to my post was DELETING IT COMPLETELY without any explanation. Furthermore, another female diver who was on the same trip told me she was harassed by this SAME PERSON as well and that she is also deeply concerned about Aggressor’s responsibility for divers’ security. Other friends of mine who plan to take this trip in the future emailed Aggressor to question their handling of this case, but have not received any explanation yet. I am now sharing this nightmare with all divers here, so that you know better the values Aggressor Fleet hold towards their passengers and you can better protect yourselves on future dive trips.


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